The most important and beatiful markets in Barcelona

Markets, in addition to moving the economy significantly, are essential in a society, especially former. In Barcelona, we have a network of very tightly woven and organized markets and we have many prominent and well-known markets.

And, like squares, markets serve a social function. Although the rush of everyday life now lead us to be losing the habit of going to the market, people not only go to the market to buy but to engage in conversation with acquaintances and neighbors.

In Barcelona, each district and / or district has its market; some, such as Sant Antoni, are the real core of the neighborhood.Sant Antoni market, which is currently under construction and does not plan to reopen until 2016, is one of those not listed.We will make a special post about it once reopens …

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Galvany market

Galvany market

When we speak about markets in Barcelona, we always have in mind Sant Antoni Market or La Boqueria Market, and instead we forget real treasures such as the Mercat Galvany (Galvany market).The Mercat Galvany is located in Sarria, near Barcelona City Street and Barcelona City Seven accommodation. This market is billed as an artistic monument and there are many who consider him one of the most …

Concepción Market, flowers 24 hours a day all year

Concepción Market, flowers 24 hours a day all year

Concepción Market (or Mercat de la Conception) is, after La Boqueria market and the market of Sant Antoni, one of the most famous markets of Barcelona. Its greatest feature is that in addition to the typical commercial stops any market where we can find meat, vegetables, fruits and the like, the Mercat de la Conception has a section devoted to flower stalls which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days …

Santa Caterina market

If in a previous post I talked about visiting the market of La Boqueria market now talk of Santa Caterina, a command Born, very fashionable neighborhood. The first thing that attract attention of the market of Santa Caterina is its corrugated roof and colorful. The roof is attached to the building by a wooden structure, and a vast mosaic of coloured ceramic pieces, representing fruit …

Boqueria Market

Boqueria Market

In the middle of La Rambla is located the famous La Boqueria market, also called Sant Josep market. Its wide range of products has become La Boqueria in one of the great tourist attractions of Barcelona. The market of La Boqueria (or Sant Josep) was opened in 1836. Currently, it has a surface area exceeding 2,500 square meters and more than 300 establishments. La Boqueria market was born as …

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