Barcelona Metro on December 31th

The Barcelona Metro (underground) is the best way to move around the city, especially on December 31th night!

December 31 and New Year’s Eve is coming. The first New Year’s Eve of Barcelona year, hundreds of private parties, parties in the homes, dinners, family. There are a thousand reasons to move and probably a thousand reasons to raise a toast, so it is important to leave the car parked (if you come on vacation with it) and take the metro in Barcelona. Today the Barcelona metro runs all night without stopping.

The Barcelona metro has 8 lines, numbered L1 to L5 and L9 to L11, and distinguished on network maps by different colors. FGC lines are numbered L6, L7 and L8. None of the Barcelona Metro lines have a name of their own but are generally referred to by their color or by the number and the names of their termini.

Map of Barcelona Metro (underground)

Barcelona Metro on December 31th 

¡Enjoy the night of December 31th and the New Year’s Eve with Barcelona Metro!

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