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Barcelona is a city with a lot of health tourism since a lot of years ago. For this reason we find accommodations around clinics and hospitals primarily focused both patients and their family members.

But now it has gone further and it is now official. Major hospitals and private clinics in Barcelona, Catalonia and Barcelona Tourism have created the brand “Medical Destination Barcelona” (Barcelona health brand) to promote the city as a destination of excellence in health matters face abroad.

Currently there are 20,000 patients each year visit Barcelona for medical or health reasons. This initiative aims to increase the figure while positioning the city as a destination of reference on the subject.

The first year of the Barcelona initiative Destination Medical will have a budget of 300,000 euros for the campaign; of these, one-third will be provided by two associations of hospitals and the rest by the Catalan Tourist Board and Tourism of Barcelona.

20,000 patients each year visit Barcelona for medical or health reasons

Still, it is recalled that despite this official initiative that will further open our city to health tourism, there will be many private centers that will continue to promote paid employment in the countries of origin of the patients who visit Barcelona for health reasons .

Although patients from different parts of the world are received for treatment or surgery, now the Russians tourists for medical purposes more come to our city.

Precisely the result of this boom in health tourism in Barcelona, every day, week and month are more Google searches related to hotels, inns and near some of the most prestigious hospitals and city and sought private clinics accommodation.

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