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Air-raid shelters in Barcelona


The recent history of our city makes some corners of Barcelona several air-raid shelters that still remain; they witness a recent and painful past. The fact that there are bomb shelters in our city because Barcelona was sadly the first city bombed systematically against civilians in a war during the Spanish Civil War by the German and Italian air armies. The air raid shelters were the only way to protect against these attacks.

The city was bombed almost 200 times, causing between 2,500 and 3,000 victims. The most serious attack occurred between 16 and 18 March 1938, with nearly 1,000 dead. These withering attacks were repeated until 25 January 1939.

Air raid shelter Palau de Les Heures

In the Palau de Les Heures a well – preserved remains air shelter. His special historical interest lies in the fact that it was protected during the bombing the then president of the Generalitat, Lluís Companys.

The shelter consists with light installation (albeit updated). To access must make a request as it currently is owned by the University of Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Air raid shelter Poble Sec

Amid the now bohemian neighborhood of Poble Sec, which now certainly going often tapas , is located at the foot of the mountain of Montjuïc , the air – raid shelter 307.

This refuge is managed by the Museu d’Historia de Barcelona and can be visited on weekends with guided tours.

Poble Sec was one of the hardest hit by the bombing. Possibly so, when a few years ago this retreat seemed about to fall into oblivion, residents mobilized to it were not so.

Air raid shelter The Time of the Doves

The Time of the Doves (or Plaza del Diamante), popular mainly by naming a famous novel of Catalan literature , has one of the bomb shelters even more famous walk of Barcelona.

It is open from only 10 years-from 2006- ago and is possibly the best preserved of those left in the city. A 12 meters underground, it had a capacity for 200 people and 250 meters of tunnels.

The level of conservation is very good and still details to be appreciated as health Shelter Joanic square or markings smoke from the candles that people used to come to light.

Air raid shelter Plaça de la Revolució

Also in the neighborhood of Gràcia, this refuge is not in as good condition as before. It is accessed from a parking lot and is open only rarely. Visits to this shelter are often driven by the District.

You can see only a small part of what was once and, although the lighting is good, a strong musty smell will accompany us throughout the visit.

Although there are more, these are the main air raid shelters in Barcelona. Do you already visited?


Aunque hay más, estos son los principales refugios antiaéreos de Barcelona. ¿Los has visitado ya?


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