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Hotels near Sant Pau Hospital


The Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, also known as Hospital de Sant Pau and Santa Creu, is one of the most famous hospitals in Barcelona. Center where prestigious doctors from around the world work, this hospital is also a landmark of modernist architecture.

If you come to Barcelona for medical reasons and come to make medical tests to such place or one of us family is hospitalized in the hospital, it is likely to seek accommodation and hotels near the Hospital de Sant Pau, for your convenience, and because we all know the exhaustion that generates spend hours waiting when you have someone sick, and that is more important than ever rest.

For this reason, we propose an economical choice and very suitable for sleeping during the stay you have to go there. This is a hostel that could pass for a paid service and is just 10 minutes walk from the famous hospital simple hotel.

Barcelona City Rooms, everything you need for your medical stay in Sant Pau.

Near the Modernista and close enclosure, very close to the Sagrada Familia, this hostel is everything you need for your well-deserved break during your medical stay.

It is also surrounded by supermarkets and restaurants so you can eat anything at any time.

free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, rooms with private bathroom and tranquility do you need something else? Just enough for a visit to Barcelona is not for leisure.

Also, if you are going to be many days, you also have laundry service. She asks to take the laundry and I will return clean without having to worry about anything.

In short, an accommodation, although no hotel fulfills everything you need for a medical stay in Barcelona. An ideal choice for those looking for accommodation near the mythical Hospital de Sant Pau option.

Barcelona City Hotels

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