Picnic in Barcelona? Today we eat outdoor!


Thinking about doing a picnic in Barcelona? It is possible to picnic in Barcelona and eating outdoors, oddly enough. In addition, no feed on the floor (well, can if you want, of course …), but we speak your picnic with tables and benches (even one with BBQ!). It is great, isn’t it? 😉

Picnic in Park of la Creueta del Coll

The first place we want to recommend you to do a good picnic in Barcelona is the enormous park of la Creueta del Coll.

The park Creueta Coll is known for its lake, in summer, becomes public pool and attending a lot of locals. In addition, he is also known for its sculpture of Chillida.

Among its diverse and abundant vegetation, following up and climb up the park, find the picnic area with trees that make us shade, tables and benches.

Picnic in Horta Labyrinth Park

Amazing, right? But true! The wonderful Labyrinth Park also has some picnic tables and wooden benches, so you can spend a full day with family, see the maze, enjoy the greenery, and eat right there.

Picnic in Park Mirador del Migdia

Park Mirador del Migdia is just behind Montjuïc Castle. Like the previous two, you can find tables and benches for picnics, but also in the very privileged will enjoy views of the city 🙂

Picnic in Park Trinitat

Of all the picnic areas mentioned in Barcelona, this is possibly the most isolated. However, the park offers a wide Trinitat leisure space, plus green and a water channel, is the only one that has a picnic area with barbecues.

The sculpture “runaway horses” by Josep Ros (1993) highlights there. It is a large frieze trim profile 15 wild horses running on the lawn of the park.

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