Discover the mysteries of Gaudí in an original game of escapism

Do you always liked the mysteries of Gaudí? Then you can not miss this original game of escapism based on the life of the genius of Modernism: Antoni Gaudí

Situated also a few meters from the Sagrada Familia, very close to our accommodation Barcelona City Rooms, Escape Hunt: “The Mystery of Gaudí” is one of the three sets of escapism where we can enjoy Escape Hunt Experience a escapism game franchise worldwide.

The plot tells you well as you walk by one of the members very attentive and pending the game elapses as debido- Antoni Gaudí died run over by a tram in 1926 -always equipment; although he did not die immediately, he was mistaken for a beggar and took to him to the hospital (that worsened the situation and possibly sentenced to certain death)

This game raises the question you sure that you too are doing. How is it possible that a face as familiar as that of Antonio Gaudi confused with a beggar …? Some people say that Gaudí was a Mason and kept a relic of great value. Will precisely find your mission in this game of escapism that, as usual, takes 60 minutes.

The room is for a maximum of 6 players. However, as a novelty of escapism that we have known so far, each of the 3 games that are in this escapism has mirrored rooms, so you can compete with another group in real time!

Although it may give the feeling that if the team is too big at times plenty of people to solve the mystery, ingenuity you can make sure each member of the teams that will be essential to find the relic of Gaudí … because here nothing is what and there seems to be very attentive to every little detail.

As a differentiator and added value of this escapism room, where you can also play games “The Vampira Barcelona” or “School of Thieves” – it is necessary to emphasize the atmosphere of the place waiting room. maintained full decoration, chairs, drinks, a great to acclimate before entering and take something out piano!

In conclusion, an experience that is worthwhile, especially if you have the opportunity to compete in real time with your friends. Gaudí is a character that arouses passions, and the mysteries surrounding his life and death could not miss in a game of escapism, so fashionable in our city.

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