Sant Joan Night, enjoy the shortest night of the year in Barcelona


Sant Joan noght is comming. In Barcelona (and everywhere), it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. And the best summer,┬ásure! ­čśë

In fact, Sant Joan is the celebration that welcomes the summer. That night the summer solstice is celebrated. It is the longest day of the year, the shortest night. Sant Joan is one of the most important celebrations for the Catalans . It is a holiday that is mainly known for its bright sunshine and the smell of gunpowder , and because most people celebrate in the streets, away from home. Now just for that , San Juan is one of the most magical nights of the year and in addition fun night of partying and legends often night…

This holiday is celebrated on the night of June 23, 2016, although the holiday is on 24.

The Night of Sant Joan is a special holiday and is usually a day of heavy dinner with family or friends. Bars and restaurants across the city, but especially the beach area, decorate their premises and are prepared to accommodate quite a few people who decide to dine out to celebrate the night.

But, eat what you eat, and what the company is, there is something that should never miss in the night of San Juan: coca and cava. Typically drinking champagne (cava) at night and eat coca when different types of dessert (fruit, rinds, etc..).

Any plan is good for the night of Sant Joan 2016: from organizing the party at home with friends and / or family, going out to play for Barcelona in the usual places or, relax and plan with spectacular views, and take a drink at the top of the mountain of Montjuïc, where besides Barcelona night see the fireworks.

Also the neighborhoods and community centers always organize parties in Sant Joan in Barcelona. Logically, most traditional neighborhoods do things in the community are more enjoy these events, such as Gràcia district.

And the night of Sant Joan 2016 does not have a concrete plan, you will always be the most typical plan always: go to the beach!
Go to the beach in Barcelona Sant Joan is one of the most popular traditions. The people down to the beach to make your parties, bonfires and throwing firecrackers. On the beach of La Barceloneta, the party begins at sunset on the 23rd, when people start to reach the area even with baskets for dinner and enjoy the beach and the music of the place until dawn on 24.

Sant Joan

Tradition says that is typical brings good health and swim at the beach in Sant Joan. In fact, a Catalan saying goes “Bany per Sant Joan, salut per tot l’any“, meaning “Who bathes in Sant Joan night is healthy for the whole year”. Formerly it was thought important to bathe the night of San Juan to get rid of all sins.

And there are many traditions and legends more. The Catalans call the night of Sant Joan the ‘Nit del Foc (Night of Fire) because the main protagonists of this night are firecrackers and fireworks. It is a night where you can see many fires. In fact, tradition says you should burn everything bad that has happened to us during the year in these fires.

Another important act of Sant Joan in Barcelona is taking the leading role called ‘flame of the Canig├│’, something common in Catalan-speaking villages. Canigou flare is received in the Pla├ža Sant Jaume with music and dances of traditional giants and later there is a fireworks display on the balcony of City Council.

Sant Joan 2016 weekend in Barcelona

In 2014 we are fortunate that the feast of Sant Joan is on Friday and many of you will take a few days holiday and come to Barcelona to spend a long weekend!

For 4 days to enjoy Barcelona, make visits, enjoy the night, the beaches and best of all live in Barcelona Sant Joan 2016┬á­čśÇ

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Finally, remember that the night of Sant Joan 2016 Metro (underground) is open all night, so enjoy carefree.

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