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Why Barcelona taxis are yellow and black?

Unmistakable. Wherever you go in Barcelona, our taxis are seen from afar; They seem bees for their particular colors and is very difficult, even when you’ve seen many times, not stopping to contemplate, but … why are yellow and black taxis of Barcelona?

We are used to find, in most cities, white or very neutral colors, which are distinguished by the indicator carry on the roof taxis. Here, however, no need to look at the ceiling, and the color gives them away. Before knowing the reason, let’s briefly learn about its history.

The first taxis in Barcelona appeared around the early twentieth century, as heirs of the car riding (carriage) which made this function, and even lived together many years. The Hispano-Suiza Automobile was the company that manufactured and marketed in the first series models. From 1910 took the first steps to marketing the “car seat” (known as “taxis”), which gradually replaced the pony cars. The first models of taxis emerged from Catalan companies: Ideals, Elizalde and Spain, and French companies: Delahaye, Peugeot and Renault.

The name of Martin Vidal Pedrola out as the first independent driver. It was in 1912 when it stood at the corner of the central streets Aribau and Diputació – very close to the hostel Barcelona City Centre – and began offering its services as a taxi driver. Like everything in this country, they will soon sprout little imitators … and competition.

Result of increased taxi drivers comes the need to organize and thus, born 1919 the Federation of Car Owners.

In 1924 the City Council approved a Code of Circulation forcing both carry the meter as a yellow line on the vehicle;hence the famous yellow stripe that inherit our current taxis bee colors arises.

After a boom between 1925 and 1929, marked by the Universal Exhibition in 1934 the sector is stabilized and is definitely determined when the yellow and black are the only colors Barcelona taxi and eliminate internal competition.As a result, the number of vehicles is eliminated.

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