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Information of interest if you visit Barcelona


Are you coming to visit Barcelona? !! Great!! If you still do not know our city, sure you will fall in love ­čśë

How to get moving in the city?

Barcelona is a big city. Enjoy walk is fantastic but to sites where you can not easily walk, it is more practical to move by subway (underground). Barcelona metro consists of several lines connecting the entire city and even small nearby cities. There is also a complete system of commuter trains. We recommend using a ticket for several trips if you are going to use public transport several times.

There are people who want to take a taxi, especially to go to the port or the airport. Barcelona taxis are subject to an urban rates applied annually. Rates and supplements are required for authorized licensees, drivers and service users. Go from the center of Barcelona to the airport can get away for about 35 ÔéČ.

Pay, taxes and shopping!

  • Tax Free: residents from outside the European Union are entitled to VAT (a tax on all purchases) are back on purchases of more than 90 ÔéČ.
  • Sales periods (discounts): the winter sales generally begin in the second week of January and continue until the end of February and the summer sales begin on 1 July and run until the end of August. Take advantage of!
    In addition there are places like La Roca Village are whoooole sales of the year ­čśë
  • Payment methods: most people pay in cash or by credit card, when you have to show your passport or identity card.
  • Tourist tax: All over 16 years must pay the tourist tax in the housing where sleep. The tourist tax is paid per person per day, but only during the first 7 days of stay.

Our schedules

We will not lie … we usually do┬áthings later rather than sooner, but we assure you that you can be a great advantage as we enjoyed over lunch in the afternoon and, of course, of the night┬á­čśë

The lunch is usually from 1PM to 4PM. Dinner from 8PM to 11PM, although dinner between 8.30PM and 10PM is the most usual.

About business hours, some stores (usually small) close coinciding with the lunch. Usually a pause from 2PM to 5PM.

For nightlife, clubs open at 11PM. although many begin to not be encouraged until 1AM or 2AM. Although it is usual to party on Friday and Saturday in summer usually it leaves weeknight also. Not Stop the Party!

Barcelona City Hotels

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