Where breakfast in Barcelona? 4 options for a classic breakfast

Breakfast most important meal of the day , they say, so we must do it well, in a place that allows us to enjoy it, as should be all meals … -; in short, a place that allows us to have breakfast in Barcelona in good condition.

Whether you’re from Barcelona city, if you have chosen accommodation that does not offer breakfast or offers a very brief breakfast you stay hungry, you’re going to jump into the street in search of a good place for breakfast and no, you’ll want one anyone.

Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of brunches in Barcelona -like in other Europe ‘s capital it can make even difficult to find a breakfast “lifelong” (yes, that coffee and pastry or cake, glass of milk …) recommended without appearing the midday meal. Here are some traditional breakfast places in Barcelona.

1. La nena

Located in the bohemian district of Gràcia, this chocolatier is a perfect place for breakfast if you are more or less in the area.They offer chocolates, juices and homemade cakes in a curious atmosphere as it is decorated with antique toys to the point that the tables can paint with chalk!

2. El Mistral

Mythical district of Sant Antoni- so fashionable lately, and while known mostly by people like bakery (at least in its facade Ronda Sant Antoni), which not everyone knows is that it has a huge cafeteria two floors the back part, which faces the street Torres i Amat 7.

3. Kessler Galimany

We return to jump from neighborhood and we are now going to Sants, where the famous Kessler Galimany, like the Mistral, has its share of sales and their share of coffee (although much smaller in size than the previous one).

delicious and freshly made that are worth trying even if the place you stay a few minutes walk pastas. Furthermore, if you have the opportunity to get something to take you for dessert, your palate will enjoy it very much!

4. Granja Viader

La Granja Viader, famous for being the place where “was born Cacaolat” , is also a curious place to visit for its history, a great place for our first meal of the day.

Fresh pastries and varied, bikinis, Swiss chocolate … you will not know what to order!

The place is small and usually crowded, so it is likely to touch you wait but worth it!

Como puedes ver, hemos dado alternativas en los barrios más turísticos de Barcelona ¡para que no empecéis el día con el estómago vacío! Sin embargo, si eres de los que prefieres desayunar en el hotel, no dejes de ver las ofertas de BCN City Hotels, donde te regalan el desayuno en cualquiera de las reservas mediante sus webs oficiales 😉

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