Where leave my luggage in Barcelona city?


Problems with your luggage? You do not know where to leave your luggage in Barcelona during those “half days” of travel in which you have already left the hotel and did not have room, or too early to check-in? We help you!

Although the first option that will happen is the watchword Barcelona Airport is not a good option because it is not too close to the city center, so I discard it.

  1. Leave suitcases in the luggage Estacio de Sants: The first option that tourists often use is the slogan of the Estacio de Sants. In addition to being fairly central, for Estacio de Sants trains every half hour to the airport Barcelona , so as you get to pick your bags no longer have to worry about transportation.
  2. Luggage Estacio del Nord. Even still closer to the center than the previous Estacio del Nord (bus station) is located fairly close to the Plaça Catalunya. It is a good option but has the advantage of Sants to take from there your direct train to the airport, which you should be more proactive with the times.
  3. Choosing an accommodation that allows you to store your luggage even after check-out. A good hotel is one that knows (and meet) the needs of its customers, so many hotels give you the possibility to store your luggage even after having completed the check-out and when you have no room. This is the case, for example, the chain of economic BCN City Hotels accommodation, where both their hotels and hostels have room to store your luggage until it is time to go to the airport.

Logically, there are also several private companies throughout the city that function as slogans to deposit your bags. They are usually found in the most central places of Barcelona. 

One of the most fresh and flexible option you can find to store your luggage in Barcelona with Stasher. They work with a network of local trusted shops that can offer a left-luggage service in the city center and in the most touristic areas of Barcelona. You can book it through their web page or their mobile app, and also, they have the same price no matter the size of your bags (from 5€ per day). Nowadays, they have more than 70 spots all over the city.

Now that you know 3 good alternatives to leave your luggage in Barcelona your first or, especially, the last day trip be sure to enjoy the city even for a moment. Barcelona is huge and has lots to see, so enjoy it until the last minute Without worrying about your luggage! 😉

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