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Sometimes I have to make a post anybody like those of all because it is not fun, but useful. And that is one of them. Let’s take a web directory Barcelona services that are useful for tourists and travelers visiting our city.

Websites transportation, entertainment (cinemas, theater ..), general information …

Websites related to public transport

    • Metro and bus (TMB): useful for rates and maps
    • Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC): remember that move both Barcelona (especially the upper part) as outside.
    • RENFE: Important to always controlled times, especially if we are to use the train as means of transportation to the airport in Barcelona
    • Tram transport Not very used, but if you catch him is extremely nice
    • Nit Bus: Barcelona are very proud of many things and it is clear that we have an incredible network of transportation, but we also have a very good public transport at night. Sal at night and not worry about coming home The bus takes you nit! Http://

    Webs general information

    • Weather (meteorological): We have a very good climate! But … better know the time to know what to pack.Http://

    If you come for business …

    • Fira de Barcelona:
    • Palau de Congresos:
    • Barcelona International Convention Center:

    Websites related to leisure

    • Palau Sant Jordi – Sant Jordi Club A classic concerts! Http://
    • Razzmatazz nightclub is there anyone who still does not know? 🙂
    • Opium Barcelona nightclub on the beach! Https://
    • Teatreneu A very original place to see plays, monologues and eat way too unusual (albeit slow …)
    • Cat Brown Do Cat lovers? This place is for you! Desayunad, merendad or take up something after dinner surrounded by cats (incidentally, are up for adoption). We must reserve, so the web is a must! Http://

    Museums Barcelona

    • CosmoCaixa
    • Botanical Garden of Barcelona.
    • Barbier-Mueller Museum of pre – Columbian art.
    • Museum of Natural Sciences in Ciutadella
    • Museum of City History .
    • Maritime Museum of Barcelona.
    • Museum of Ceramics.
    • Music Museum.
    • Museum of Decorative Arts.
    • Textile Museum and clothing.
    • Ethnological Museum.
    • Frederic Mares Museum.
    • Museum – Pedralbes Monastery
    • Museu d’Historia de Catalunya.
    • National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)
    • Interpretation Center Parc Guell

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