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Although in Barcelona we have an extensive network of public transport, taking a taxi is sometimes almost essential. We arrived (too late) to catch our plane to Barcelona – El Prat , we went out at night during the week and there is no metro, we found ourselves in an area – little usual – badly communicated where the nit bus does not pass … or simply the comfort That sometimes feel like returning to our hotel, apartment, accommodation (or house) by taxi.

During the day and, especially in the center of Barcelona, ​​it is relatively easy to find a taxi without having to look for taxi stops. However, at night, or even during the day when we move a little from the center, the thing can be complicated …

That is why, although it may not seem like it, there are many taxi stops in Barcelona. Meeting points where these mythical black and yellow vehicles stop waiting for customers to go up (exactly the same as a bus or a subway, with the difference that the taxi does not leave until it is full …).

The main stops of our curious yellow and black transports are three:

  • Barcelona Airport : they are distributed in the three terminals, with a specific organization that allows the user to take a taxi quickly and comfortably.
  • Port of Barcelona : users have stops at the four Moll Adossat stations (terminal A: 20 taxis, terminal B, 36, terminal C, 48, and terminal D, 58).
  • Estació de Sants : two organized stops that serve the users who leave the square of Joan Peiró and / or the main access located in Països Catalans.

However, we will not always need a taxi being close to these three points. That’s why we offer you a map of the Barcelona taxi stops, with almost 300 points in the city where you can take a taxi. In addition, thanks to the various ways to easily calculate what is going to cost us the race , we can travel with more peace of mind.

Las principales paradas de nuestros curiosos transportes amarillos y negros son tres:

  • Aeropuerto de Barcelona: están distribuidas en las tres terminales, con una organización específica que permite al usuario coger un taxi rápida y cómodamente.
  • Puerto de Barcelona: los usuarios disponen de paradas en las cuatro estaciones del Moll Adossat (terminal A: 20 taxis; terminal B, 36; terminal C, 48; y terminal D, 58).
  • Estació de Sants: dos paradas organizadas que dan servicio a los usuarios que salen por la plaza de Joan Peiró y/o por el acceso principal situado en Països Catalans.

Sin embargo, no siempre necesitaremos un taxi estando cerca de estos tres puntos. Es por ello que os ofrecemos un mapa de las paradas de taxi de Barcelona, con casi 300 puntos en la ciudad donde coger un taxi. Además, gracias a las diversas formas de calcular fácilmente lo que va a costarnos la carrera, podemos viajar con mayor tranquilidad.

Map of taxi’s stops in Barcelona

Clicking on each of the stops represented with a small vehicle, you will see the name and the exact situation (street and corner).

Remember, however, once you are there, consult the stop indicator panel for any additional information about it (frequency of passage, schedules …).

Ask for a taxi from the mobile: faster and more comfortable!

The truth is that in recent months, ordering a taxi from the mobile phone has become a common practice for tourists and locals.

The increase of smartphones – a tool for our travels and for our day-to-day life – as well as the large number of Wi-Fi points that we can find in Barcelona make using the mobile to order a taxi and that takes us to our destination is the most Recurrent, comfortable and fast.

In addition to the convenience of not having to move (the taxi will pick you up wherever you are, whether it ‘s the Razzmatazz gate , Plaça Catalunya or Passeig Marítim), we like to highlight among its advantages:

  • There is no need to carry money on you (you do not have to pay the taxi driver in cash, you can directly charge the amount of the race to your credit card or debit card). For me, without a doubt, the biggest advantage.
  • If you sign up as a freelancer or company, invoices are automatically generated.
  • They have integrated a calculator of routes, so you know before ordering a taxi how much it will cost you approximately the race and do not need to download a second app for that function .
  • Your first trip will cost you more (we will give you a discount code to save money on your first taxi ride in Barcelona).
  • As you are inviting your friends and acquaintances to use the app, you give them a promotional discount code for their first taxi ride, a fact that makes them save money on the way and, once used, you too You accumulate the same amount in your account as a reward (if you have a good network of contacts you can end up traveling by taxi virtually free several times a year, as Hailo, for example, allows you to accumulate up to 500 €).
  • In Hailo, if you are registered as a freelancer or company you can accumulate Iberia Plus points in case you have a card of this type take advantage!

Save money on the taxi with promotional codes!

Among the many taxi apps that try to compete in Barcelona – just look at taxis, full of publicity – are the best we have tried: Hailo and MyTaxi , companies that by the way a few weeks ago announced their merger (But still act separately).

To this day, Hailo may have a slightly larger network of taxis. However, my recommendation is to have both installed and to prove which taxi drivers are closest to you (the map tells you which ones there are and the distance in minutes they pick you up).

I recommend you to install it somewhere quiet, for example your hotel with wifi in Barcelona , and before leaving to the street to have it configured. This is important because you will have to enter sensitive personal data, such as the payment method, and it is not advisable in the middle of the street to take out the credit or debit card and start registering in the open air (incidentally, a point in favor Of MyTaxi is that it allows payment via Paypal, something really comfortable when configuring our data …).

Promo code for Hailo taxis: save € 5, broadcast and earn a balance to move with discounts!

Start your first trip with a discount of € 5 .

You just have to go to Menu >> Wallet >> Enter Coupon Code: ELISA1859

When you have already made your first journey, you will see that when you open the menu, a red heart appears next to everything and next to a code . That is the one that you have to pass to your contacts to use on your first journey (be skillful, start with your partner, parents, work colleagues …).

For each friend who uses the coupon on a taxi ride (not just enter it in the app), you will earn 5 euros in balance.

My Taxi promotional code: 10 € on your first trip and then accumulates a balance of 10 € for 10 €!

Of the two apps we mentioned, MyTaxi is more generous and gives € 10 balance on your first trip .

After registering , you have to go to Menu >> Promotional code >> Click on the blue screen and enter the code elisabetg .

To invite your friends to save money (and by the way accumulate you more balance) you have to go to Menu >> Earn Money and there your code appears.

For each friend who uses the coupon on a taxi ride (not just enter it in the app), you will earn 10 euros in balance.

IMPORTANT! In both applications, in order to use the coupon and / or the accumulated balance in your account you must choose the option “pay taxi via app”; If you decide to pay the taxi in cash, you will not be charged the discount.


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