Barcelona Oktoberfest. Up your beer!


Those who are lovers of beer in Barcelona we can not complain, because the truth is that we often have events and festivals dedicated to this rich drink barley

In October we fixed another beer festivals Oktoberfest in Barcelona!.

The Oktoberfest Barcelona is conceived as a popular German holiday. Access is totally totally free and will be held in the Plaza Universo of Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, near Plaça Espanya.

The festival will begin on Friday, October 2 from 17: 00h in the main tent, and the opening of the first barrel of beer start at 10 holidays and fun Oktoberfest will Barcelona (until 11 October!)

The main tent will have no less than 4,500 square meters but, despite its large size, seating is limited, which is why it is recommended to book a table to enjoy the beer festival where, of course pos, not only is drink beer but we can also enjoytypical dishes of German cuisine .

Oktoberfest in Barcelona will not miss live music with groups of polka music and DJs to accompany the festive nature of the event. There will also be room for the little kids, so they enable a large children’s area at popular prices to also enjoy this festival and rides for all ages.

an espacio infantil a precios populares para que disfruten también de esta fiesta y atracciones para todas las edades.

Specials in Oktoberfest

  • Monday 5: “Pig Day”
    2 x 1 liter jugs of beer “Oktoberfest Bier” + sausage sandwich choice.
  • Tuesday 6: “Paulaner’s Day”
    2 × 1 in all our beers liter + portion of potatoes.
  • Wednesday 7: “Brewmaster Solidarity Day”
    Solidarity Project collaborates with food collection “Imagine Happy”. Donating food, 2 × 1 liter jug ​​”Oktoberfest Bier”.
  • Thursday 8: “Fiesta Bavarian Solidarity”
    Solidarity Project collaborates with food collection “Imagine Happy”. Donating food, price liter jar 1/2 liter “Oktoberfest Bier”.

The original Oktoberfest, also known as The Beer Festival is one of the historical and cultural celebrations of the German people that takes place in the Bavarian city of Munich since 1810, and today is considered as the largest popular festival world.

Oktoberfest Hours:

Día Hora Inicio Hora Fin
Viernes 2 de octubre 5 PM 01 AM
Sábado 3 de octubre 12 PM 01 AM
Domingo 4 de octubre 12 PM 11 PM
Lunes 5 de octubre 5 PM 11 PM
Martes 6 de octubre 5 PM 11 PM
Miércoles 7 de octubre 5 PM 11 PM
Jueves 8 de octubre 5 PM 11 PM
Viernes 9 de octubre 5 PM 01 AM
Sábado 10 de octubre 12 PM 01 AM
Domingo 11 de octubre 12 PM 01 AM

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