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3 mysterious places in Barcelona


Barcelona is full of mysteries, legends and ghost stories. As a result, there are various mysterious thematic routes that discover some of those mysterious and damn places.

Many of those mysterious and cursed places are full of stories that have passed from generation to generation and so there are still many people who claim to have witnessed strange events …

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

The Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona , was a cemetery at the end of the 19th century, and it was there that a rather macabre story took place.

Two young boys passing by on the way home thought it funny to make fun of a skull on the floor. One of them grabbed her and started teasing her and tossed her to the floor.

But at home he would not be alone. Suddenly he heard knocks on the door and, looking out the window to see who he was, saw the image of a skeleton with the skull under his arm. From the impact, the boy died of fear.

Picasso museum

The Picasso Museum was the residence of the counts of Moncada, a lineage of nobles with a somewhat obscure history, including dungeons, satanic priests and others …

It is said that the ghost of Guillem Ramon de Montcada is still vague by the Museu Picasso, who shortly after his marriage was kidnapped by a bishop in order to collect a ransom. Legend has it that Guillem Ramón de Moncada seeks revenge in this busy place …

Joaquin Costa Street

Calle Joaquin Costa, in the heart of the fashionable Raval neighborhood, has been known for years as the residence of the famous Vampira de Barcelona , Enriqueta Martí.

The Vampira de Barcelona is protagonist of one of the darkest legends of Barcelona, ​​although there is much sensationalism around her.

Born in 1868, Enriqueta Martí occupied the front pages of newspapers of the moment after the disappearance of a girl; Then he was blamed for several more disappearances. It happened to history like kidnapper, pimp of children and serial killer, although of what is told to the real history there is a major difference …

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