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5 reasons to visit Barcelona’s beach in autumn


Barcelona’s beaches don’t close down after August. Here are some plans to help you make the most out of the city’s coastline beyond your summer holidays

Do sport or exercise

Autumn means the sun isn’t as strong, which can be a benefit when doing sport or exercise. If you like the feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of the sea in the background as you get your body moving, autumn is the perfect season to enjoy the beach. From the W Hotel on up past the Fòrum you can find volleyball nets, korfball baskets, football goals and gym circuits; as well as groups doing yoga, running along the sand and playing beach tennis. The good weather and fewer crowds contribute to ideal conditions for staying active at the beach after summer.

Keep up your tan

If you’re the type who’s spent the whole summer working on a tan all your friends will envy, autumn brings your maintenance plan. In Barcelona there are sunny days all year round, so you don’t have to worry about your skin going ghostly just because you’ve gone back to work. The autumnal sun isn’t as spicy-hot so there’s less of a chance you’ll end up like a lobster. September, October and November are quiet months at the beach, so it’s easy to find a peaceful place to spread out your towel and relax. And if you’re lucky enough to have time to get to the seaside on a weekday, even better!

Chill out at a ‘xiringuito’

Barcelona’s coastline offers some great ‘xiringuitos’ – the snack bars you see dotting the beach – where good food, drinks and music make any day a great one, whatever the time of year. Spots right on the beach such as Vai Moana, Bambú, Blue Beach and La Deliciosa serve up quality and varied dishes and drinks for all tastes and budgets. Head to the beach in autumn for breakfast with fresh juice, to have a vermouth before lunch, for a few beers in the afternoon, or for a bite to eat anytime.

Disconnect from your routine

They say there’s nothing better than a stroll along the shore to disconnect your mind from everyday problems and stress. The beach in autumn is the perfect setting to connect with nature, whether it’s on a long walk, lying on a blanket on the sand, listening to music, gazing at the horizon or enjoying the sunrise. These little moments fill your soul and recharge your batteries – pleasure for the senses that everyone can afford.

Take great photos

The light on an autumn day is one of the most beautiful naturally ocurring phenomena for photographers, professional or not, especially if you cantch it above the sea and sand. As autumn grows, you’ll find it hard to keep your camera at home, and you’ll end up with images you can frame and hang on your walls, or at least share on Instagram for loads of likes.

SOURCE: Time Out

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