The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart and its “two” sculptures


We see it from many points both in Barcelona and the neighboring towns, and is that the Temple Expiatory of the Sacred Heart, which Collserola crowns for about half a century , does not go unnoticed.

The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart, located practically at the doors of the amusement park of the city, began to construct in 1902 and finalized in 1962; Was the work of E. Sagnier i Villavecchia and his son, JM Sagnier i Vidal.

Although at the end of the nineteenth century it was speculated that in the place where the Temple of the Sacred Heart is currently occupied by a hotel-casino, the idea did not prosper. The land was bought by a group of religious people who later ceded them to Juan Bosco during his visit to Barcelona.

After the transfer of the land, the Salesians (a religious order promoted by Joan Bosco) ordered the construction of a small neo-Gothic hermitage (the hermitage of San Giovanni Bosco) which still today stands attached to the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart.

The two sculptures of Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart)

If for some reason this temple stands out for its spectacular sculpture of the Sacred Heart at the top of the building. What few people know is that this sculpture had to be done twice …

The first time the sculpture was made in 1935, the work of Frederic Marés, was 8 meters high, something that at the time made it the largest sculpture in Spain.

He spent some time in the courtyard of the temple, and although it had to be placed in the part of the Temple – like the present one – there was no time. The beginning of the Civil War in 1936 caused that the statue was fused to fabricate military equipment.

Subsequently, the Salesians asked for a replica of the original sculpture to Josep Miret; The sculpture, though identical, was half a meter smaller. Like its predecessor, it was also a time in the terrace of the temple, until in 1961 this yes could be placed in the dome of the temple, from where it watches the city.

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