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Free entry discos in Barcelona center


Going out at night does not have to be synonymous with emptying your pockets because, luckily, there are discos with free entry in Barcelona . And yes, there are also in the center of the city, and let’s talk about one of our favorites: BELIEVE.

We have already spoken to you on other occasions of The BELIEVE Club, but perhaps we have not told you the best, and this nightclub open every day of the week (the partiers do not have schedules!) Allows you to enter your premises without paying Input . Of course, you must take into account, of course, that the consumption is mandatory; There are many people working in BELIEVE to make your night of leisure a memorable time and, of course, all this entails some expenses that have to be amortized 😉

And right now we imagine the question that is hanging around your head … being a nightclub with free entrance, the prices of drinks are astronomical? Well no, either. BELIEVE has prices of the most terrestrial and standard within what can be found in the world of the night.

Do not expect, however, to find 2 × 1 promotions, happy hour or similar. The drinks or drinks you drink are going to pay the price of the letter. Of course, we can assure you that the quality of the drinks is good , that you are not going to take the risk of being a victim of the much-feared jug and, as a plus, we can indicate that if you are a lover of artisan beer you will find some IPA in your letter.

If, in addition, you are the one who starts the night of party soon, BELIEVE Club has also another surprise for you, and is that every night from 22.30h (or later on Fridays and Saturdays) you will find a Different show to liven up your leisure time.From live music to drag shows, crazy bingo, karaoke, etc.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to get to the disco from 2 or 3 in the morning and what you want is previously a place to have a few drinks sitting and surrounded by your friends while listening to good music chatting, the Previous option that we suggest is the Priscilla Cafe , about 5 minutes walk (not reach) from the discotheque we have spoken to.

So you already know, if your thing is to enjoy the night in Barcelona spending little (we will not say that without spending anything, since we have already indicated that the consumption is obligatory), the BELIEVE discotheque is a very good option in Barcelona center.

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