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Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition will start in Barcelona


Fans of Game of Thrones , you are in luck and you can feel privileged if you are in Barcelona from October 28, when Barcelona will be the place where the expected interactive exhibition will start the Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition . The exhibition can be seen in our city until January 7.

The exhibition of Game of Thrones, which will consist of more than 10,000 square meters dedicated to the popular series, will be found at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona. The price of admission for adults is 18.50 euros and certain schedules are starting to be already requested, so do not hesitate to buy yours!

“They will form” impressive images and fascinating objects, “according to organizers. “It will give visitors the chance to see in first person sreen, costume pieces and original decorations of this revolutionary series,” they continue. “Thanks to a unique combination of enveloping environments , interactive spaces and multimedia content, visitors can enjoy an experience in the mythical lands of Poniente and Essos and revive the trials and tribulations of the nobles and the people struggling to survive in the shadow of the Iron Throne. “

No doubt: GOT fans will enjoy it! You can visit from the winter landscapes of the North, the wooded path of the Camino Real and the majestic stages of the King’s Landing ; the conquered city of Meereen, with its quarters of Immaculate warriors and the faithful of Targaryen House ; the emblematic scenarios of the mysterious Black and White House , the Black Castle, home of the Night Guard, and the icy lands of Beyond the Wall and the spectacular centerpiece of the emblematic Iron Throne Hall , where you can visit the seat of power of the inhabitants of West in all its splendor.

Why the exhibition Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition starts in Barcelona?

According to declarations from the organization organized by El Periódico , it has been emphasized that Barcelona is the “gateway to the Mediterranean”, adding that “It is a pleasure […] to be able to start the tour in such a singular historical space”.

According to Rafael Giménez, director of the promoter Sold Out, they have chosen the Catalan capital as the first city “because of its cosmopolitan character and the large number of fans of this fantastic TV series in our country. The presence of Barcelona in this great show undoubtedly contributes to placing the city on the international circuit of the main international exhibitions. “

It should also be noted that Girona and other cities in Spain such as Seville, Peñíscola, Canet de Mar, Cáceres, Cordoba, the Basque Country or the Bárdenas Reales natural park have been stages of the mythical series, which was why there was a high possibility that the exhibition of Game of Thrones would start in the Peninsula.

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