Disco with 2 × 1 in Barcelona center


We love to dance and have fun in the club, but even more if we get a 2 × 1 in drinks ! true? So today we are going to talk about a nightclub with 2 × 1 in certain days of the week.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you might know it because we have already spoken to you on other occasions about BELIEVE Club , a nightclub open every day of the week (partygoers do not have schedules!) Allows you to enter their premises without paying entrance fees . Of course, you must take into account, as is logical, that consumption is mandatory, but it is also on Sundays the consumption is … 2 × 1! 😉

If, in addition, you are one of those who start the party night soon, BELIEVE Club also has some surprise for you, and that every night from 10.30 pm (or something later on Fridays and Saturdays) you will find a different show to entertain your moment of leisure. From live music to drag shows, crazy bingos, karaoke, etc.

Yes, on the contrary, you are one of those who prefer to arrive at the disco from 2 or 3 in the morning and what you want is previously a place to have a drink sitting and surrounded by your friends while you listen to good music chatting, the Previous option that we suggest is Priscilla Cafe , about 5 minutes on foot (not arrive) from the BELIEVE nightclub and in which also, every day of the week, you can get a 2 × 1 for BELIEVE.

As you can see, the combination of these two gay-friendly venues (but open to all audiences) allows you to get a 2 × 1 in glasses when you go and, what’s better, without paying entrance and with shows included!

So you know, the 2 × 1 clubs in Barcelona center point to BELIEVE, the new fashionable disco in Gayxample!

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