2018 January Sales!


In 2018, the January Sales in Barcelona will start on January 7 – as every year – which is also Sunday, which is expected to start the campaign with many people and many sales because it will be the first Sunday of the year open However, there are many shops that, adapting to the rules (prohibition of labeling with “rebates”), already begin the January offers much earlier, so that the Three Kings can make their purchases with more discount Men What a bargain!

And what happens during the January Sale period? Well , shopping (or shopping) in Barcelona is an even greater pleasure than usual.

By the way, remember that the period of sales, although we know it as January sales, will continue for another year until February 28, so we have almost two months of offers and bargains of all kinds, although they are clothing, shoes and accessories that offer greater discounts.

Whether in the shopping centers of Barcelona , or walking through the center of the city and entering the shops of the glamorous Shopping Line , there are many places that will allow you to enjoy the next sale period to the fullest. In fact, I am sure that many of the Magi leave us a gift in the form of “vouchers for sales” 😉

Another very good option to enjoy this great period of discounts is to go to the Rock Village, the paradise of anyone who likes shopping . La Roca Village simulates a small village very well decorated where each of its small houses are first-class shops with great discounts and open every day of the week (even on Sundays).

Recall that, in any case, and wherever we enjoy the rebates, it is mandatory that the label tells us the price before and after (without reducing and reducing) and, in addition, grant us the same return period as when we are not in sales.Enjoying the January sales in Barcelona is always a pleasure, but you have to do it with a head 😉

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