Hotels with breakfast in Barcelona

Every day more people seeking hotels with breakfast in Barcelona because, according to a study late last year, “free breakfast is again the second most demanded service for travelers “. While it is true that choose on your own where to have breakfast in Barcelona gives you the freedom to eat what you want, if […]


Where leave my luggage in Barcelona city?

Problems with your luggage? You do not know where to leave your luggage in Barcelona during those “half days” of travel in which you have already left the hotel and did not have room, or too early to check-in? We help you! Although the first option that will happen is the watchword Barcelona Airport is […]


Hotels near Sant Pau Hospital

The Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, also known as Hospital de Sant Pau and Santa Creu, is one of the most famous hospitals in Barcelona. Center where prestigious doctors from around the world work, this hospital is also a landmark of modernist architecture. If you come to Barcelona for medical reasons and come to […]


Where to sleep in Barcelona? 5 hotels with good value for money

Where to sleep in Barcelona will be one of the first things you have to have on mind when you are thinking of traveling to our wonderful city. As you know if you started looking for accommodation in Barcelona, the offer of hotels, hostels, hotels and apartments is large (very large!) And sometimes assails us doubt about […]


Hoteles with parking in Barcelona

You are looking for hotels with parking in Barcelona for your next trip? Forget certain seekers booking portals and let yourself be advised by someone who knows 😉 Barcelona You have to know that there are many ways to get to Barcelona (train, plane, bus … and car, of course). Although many people believe that […]


Barcelona is now a medical destination officially

  Barcelona is a city with a lot of health tourism since a lot of years ago. For this reason we find accommodations around clinics and hospitals primarily focused both patients and their family members. But now it has gone further and it is now official. Major hospitals and private clinics in Barcelona, Catalonia and Barcelona […]

Accommodation for Mercè Festival

Mercè Festival 2015 is coming. If you come to Barcelona and enjoy your parties this week, surely you will look to book accommodation for Mercè Festival, a place to sleep and not worry with last minute searches looking for a bed. During Mercè Festival, different activities, concerts, shows and exhibitions are spread throughout the city, […]

Accommodation near the beach in Barcelona

Yes, Barcelona also has beach! We started with this statement because, unfortunately, our city has lived many years closed to the sea. We do have many monuments to see and entertainment to offer, but we also have some pretty great beaches where, if you visit Barcelona in the summer, you can enjoy our magnificent Mediterranean sun […]


Barcelona’s tourist tax

Barcelona Tourist Tax is a tax on accommodations you must pay when you come to the city. Many people do not know about it and when accommodation ask them for pay, guests feel disappointed or unpleasantly surprised. Actually, this is a fairly low tax, but it is precisely the lack of information making when tourists come […]

Barcelona Hotels with wifi. Search them and check its speed!

Looking for a hotel with wifi in Barcelona? Now you have it easier than ever because a new portal lets you locate hotels with wifi in Barcelona (in fact, of any city in the world) and also know how fast you can browse. The Hotel Wifi Test -that’s the name the portal that lets us know […]