Smart City Expo 2013, the exhibition of environmental technologies

The Smart City Expo 2013, the exhibition of environmental technologies, will take place this year at Fira de Barcelona from 19th to 21th November. The Smart City Expo began to be held in Barcelona in 2011. It was the first global event focused on the development of smart cities to channel the need to tackle from a […]

Manga fair 2013

The Manga Fair 2013 will take place at the Fira de Barcelona from 31th October 31 to 3th November. It is an appointment that manga lovers, anime and Japanese culture can not miss. Manga Fair 2013 main theme will be sport both manga and its animated version. For this reason, you will find a major […]


Top 10 things to do in Barcelona

If you come to our city in a quick trip, you might want to know what the Top 10 things to do in Barcelona. Today we are write about some essential suggestions that you can not miss during your visit to Barcelona. If you want more information of every thing to do in Barcelona, click […]

Free museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is culture and for this reason is also full of museums. In addition, certain special days, such as the first Saturday or first Sunday of the month, you can visit museums for free. Here are some free museums in Barcelona in alphabetical order: Free museums in Barcelona the first Saturday of the month Maritime […]

“De tapes a Barcelona”: tapa + beer 2,40 euros

The 7th edition of “De Tapes per Barcelona”  (Tapas in Barcelona “) begins today. This initiative began seven years ago. It allows us to enjoy a tapa (snack) and a little beer (Estrella Damm)  for 2,40 euros. This year the initiative will last longer that other editions. In 2013, you can enjoy cheap tapas for […]

The entrance arch of Boqueria Market, in restoration

The entrance arch of Boqueria market is under restoration since late August. Is expected to be completed in December. It is an arch decorated with stained glass modernist geometric design Cibes blue and yellow and brown colors resting on two columns decorated with ceramic brittle designed by architect A. Fern in 1913. The intervention involves disassembly, […]

New Encants market in Barcelona

The new Encants of Barcelona (known by many as the “Encants Vells”) have today released a new location. After several years of construction, the new Encants are now in the Plaça Glories, at the confluence of Meridiana and Castillejos Street. The old Encants of Barcelona (also called Fira de Bellcaire) is one of the oldest […]


Plaza Real in Barcelona (Royal Square)

The Plaza Real in Barcelona (Plaça Reial, in Catalan) is one of the most famous squares of the city. It is located a few steps to the famous Ramblas in Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter, and it is famous for its arcades that surround the square. The Plaza Real (Royal Square) is a work of […]

Magic Fountain: light and water in Barcelona’s night

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc (in Catalan known as Font Màgica) is one of the most representative tourist places in Barcelona. It is also called Font Lluminosa (Light Fountain). It is located on Avinguda Maria Cristina, next to Plaza Spain. The magic fountain is a spectacular display of color, light, motion, music and water acrobatics. If […]

Homeless will become in Barcelona guides

We read this news today in El Periódico de Catalunya. A private company is launching an initiative for homeless will become in Barcelona guides after a training process. The initiative will allow these people recycled to become “social guides” of Barcelona, as they have been called. Barcelona’s case is not the only one. Other European cities […]