Macaya Palace by Puig i Cadafalch

Macaya Palace by Puig i Cadalfach is located a little away from the center of Barcelona and, perhaps for that reason, has not as famous as other works of its kind. Macaya Palace, also called Macaya House, is on Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, fairly close to the Statue of Liberty in Barcelona, ​​in Arús […]


A Statue of Liberty in Barcelona?

Compare Barcelona and New York is complicated, admittedly. However, we can always say that both cities have the same cosmopolitan and urbanite style, although Barcelona is a small scale of NY. We like New York, we like a lot. In fact, we like it so much that one of our accommodation, the hostel Barcelona City Street […]


The shortest street in Barcelona

In this blog we talked about the narrowest street in town , but we still remained to discover the shortest street in Barcelona The shortest street in Barcelona called Calle de l’Anisadeta and is almost beside the beautiful basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. If you have read the best-seller “The Cathedral of the Sea” […]

Walking through the medieval Barcelona

There are many fans of the routes through the medieval Barcelona, ​​so we thought we should dedicate a post to make a path through the most emblematic places of medieval Barcelona. The routes through medieval Barcelona are common. You can discover the city in group organized by different types of agency or alone, if you report it, […]

Cervantes park in Barcelona

We’ve talked in the past of how green it may be Barcelona if we seek the right place. And the Cervantes Park is one of them. The Cervantes Park is located on Diagonal. It is an ideal place to do running in Barcelona . The Cervantes park is a magnificent and wide open green space […]


“El Santet” grave in Poblenou

Even when visiting a city does not expect anyone to recommend visiting a cemetery, the grave of “santet” Poblenou is noteworthy and definitely worth a visit if you visit Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​there are few who have even heard of santet (even many of the inhabitants of the city, especially the younger ones, do not know […]

Concerts in La Mercè Festival 2014

La Mercè 2014 is coming! And thus concerts each year draw thousands and thousands of people on the street:-) Once again, the city of Barcelona has made a strong commitment to musical performances. You have enjoyed the concert every year during La Mercè, you already know that the Plaça Catalunya, right in front of the […]


Galvany market

When we speak about markets in Barcelona, we always have in mind Sant Antoni Market or La Boqueria Market, and instead we forget real treasures such as the Mercat Galvany (Galvany market). The Mercat Galvany is located in Sarria, near Barcelona City Street and Barcelona City Seven accommodation. This market is billed as an artistic monument and there […]

Hostelco 2014

The hospitality professionals have a meet in Barcelona from 20 to 23 October, days when Hostelco is held. Hostelco is the international exhibition of equipment for restaurants, hotels and institutions. But it also includes more sectors: Equipment and machinery for the hospitality sector Cookware and tableware Management, controls, IT and safety and security Textiles and uniforms Corporate […]


La Casa de les Punxes, a modernist castle in the heart of Barcelona

There are many impressive buildings in Barcelona. Many! But stroll along Diagonal Avenue and find a castle with huge towers shaped tip leaves is incredible!! And this is exactly what happens with La Casa de les Punxes, a work of modernist architect Puig i Cadafalch. La Casa de les Punxes is also known as Casa Terrades because […]