Palau Montaner, modernism little known a few steps from the Diagonal

Barcelona and Modernism are concepts that usually appears together. For that reason you can you find modernist buildings round a corner where you do not expect, and it is fantastic stopping to watch them and make photos althought can not go inside. This is the case of the Palau Montaner, a modernist palace situated near the […]


The Palau Güell, in the heart of Barcelona but very unknown

Even there are many people who do not know Palau Güell and do not visit it. It’s a real shame, because it is beautiful building designed by Gaudí and it is located in the city center. The building stood out for its innovative conception of space and light. Also, one of the main features of the […]


3 essential tapas bars in Barcelona

You know that tapas in Barcelona is one of our favorite blog topics. We have often spoken of them, although it is true that we have spent talking mainly of typical tapas bars in Barcelona and made ​​several initiatives in the city that certain weekdays promote free cover or lid low cost. The tapas in […]

Barcelona Card: what is this and how does it work?

Barcelona Card. If you are traveling to Barcelona really want to know what it is, is not it?. Let’s talk about this famous card and read what is included. The Barcelona card is a card designed for the tourist. Discover the best of Barcelona with the Barcelona Card. Enjoy free unlimited use of public transport (including […]

Weather in Barcelona: enjoy our climate!

We are sure you have many reasons to visit Barcelona, as many as we have to confess fall in love with our city 😉 Barcelona is beautiful, cultural, cosmopolitan, has beachs, monuments, museums, good gastronomy and also offers you a very good weather for most of the year. We have good weather because we are a Mediterranean city!!. […]


The other Canaletas fountains

All we know “Canaletas fountain” in Barcelona. Famous mostly for FC Barcelona, in its location begins the most famous street of the city: La Rambla. In front of the famous fountain, one of our accommodation: Barcelona City Ramblas (also called “Guest House Canaletas”). But … what if we told you that there are OTHER Canaletas Fountains in […]


Visit Barcelona with a little money

Are you coming to visit Barcelona but you have little money for your trip? Do not worry all is possible! 😉 Visiting Barcelona on a budget is possible thanks to some tips that we give you. And is that as we write this blog lifelong Barcelona, are the best for what to do and what to […]


Free Parking in Barcelona

We always like to speak from our experience and we like to be honest. For this reason, as many of you know, we have to anticipate that park in Barcelona is not an easy task. The people of Barcelona who have cars, most have private parking. In addition, we are sure that if you ask […]

10 free things to do in Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona and need free proposals because you run out of budget? Let’s see some suggestions of what to do for free in Barcelona! Barcelona is a beautiful city and the mere fact of walking in many places is already a proposal for leisure and for free, of course! However, see more … […]

Bread & Butter (B&B) will come back to Barcelona

Bread & Butter (B & B), the famous fashion urban event, will be held in Barcelona. This was confirmed by the organization last week. The winter edition of Bread & Butter will take place in Barcelona. It will be held between 8 and 10 January 2015 in Montjuïc, for which 100,000 square meters are reserved. […]