Film Festival 2014 in Barcelona

Film Party 2014 arrives in Barcelona! If you love movies, you are in luck: March 31, 1 and 2 April can shop for only € 2,90 each entry.It is incredible, is not it? You can buy the ticket for the cinema in and you get directly to your inbox. You do not have to queue at […]

Addicted to skate in Barcelona

With Spring and nice weather, increasingly want to do outdoor activities. If you are a fan of skating you are in luck because in Barcelona there are several activities during the week for skate addicted!. Every Tuesday night, a group of over 200 people convert Paseo Garcia Faria (next to the beach) in a skating […]


Where to eat paella in Barcelona: Top Restaurants

Looking for the best paella in Barcelona?? Ohhh! What a dilemma. Is not easy to find it! If you come to Barcelona one of the things you probably want to do is eat paella, especially if it is spring or summer and you can also enjoy the paella on a terrace (although it is also nice […]


Flamenco in Barcelona

The people of Barcelona it seems curious the many tourists who come to our city and you will see …Flamenco Show in Barcelona! Incredible! In Barcelona Flamenco is not typical! It’s like seeing people buying Mexican hats in La Rambla de Barcelona 🙁 It is curious how in a page of traveller opinions as Tripadvisor, […]

Playmobil Fair in Barcelona

Do you like Playmobil? If you are in Barcelona are in luck because this coming weekend there is Playmobil Fair in Barcelona! The thirteenth edition of the Playmobil Collectors Fair will take place in Cotxeres de Sants on 15 and 16 February. This year’s show will be dedicated to Playmobil tales and literature staged by Playmobil […]

Puccini’s Tosca at the Liceu in 2014

Puccini’s opera Tosca will be performed at the Liceu this 2014. You can enjoy this play from 8 to March 25 thanks to staging of Paco Azorin. Tosca is based on the drama of the same name who wrote Victorien Sardou in 1887. Tosca actors portraying characters that move in a tense political environment that […]

Michael Bublé in Barcelona on January 30th

Singer Michael Bublé will offer a concert on January 30 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, which already acted four years ago. Canadian Michael Bublé returns to Barcelona to present their latest album, To be loved. The last work of Michael Bublé was released in early 2013. The album Michael Bublé comes to present […]


David Bisbal in Barcelona on July, 5

We already told you that 2014 was loaded music! David Bisbal returns to the stage in Barcelona in July 2014, specifically on day 5. The concert takes place at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona The king of curls back with a new studio album recorded in Los Angeles with 12 unreleased tracks, which goes on […]


Poisoned, the mysteries of poison

If you like to see curious things of the animal kingdom, you can not miss the exhibition Poisoned, the mysteries of poison. You will visit it until March 1th, 2014 at the Museum Blau (Natural Science Museum of Barcelona). The exhibition is devoted to animal poisons. Poisons were terrified and fascinated humans from the beginning because […]


Fotomemorizador, an original gift about Barcelona

Christmas come and often we look for original gifts. Well, the Fotomemorizador can be one of them if you live in Barcelona or if you are coming to visit Barcelona or if you’re just in love with the city 🙂 The Fotomemorizador is a memory game based on one of the main characteristics of human […]