5 reasons to visit Barcelona’s beach in autumn

Barcelona’s beaches don’t close down after August. Here are some plans to help you make the most out of the city’s coastline beyond your summer holidays Do sport or exercise Autumn means the sun isn’t as strong, which can be a benefit when doing sport or exercise. If you like the feeling of sand between […]


A beach in Eixample neighborhood? Gardens of Water Tower

Can you imagine a beach in the middle of classic Eixample district? Well, stop imagining because…it exists! It is an artificial beach located within Gardens of Water Tower (Jardines de la Torre de les Aigues). Actually it would be like an indoor pool but its surroundings have given it the nickname “Playa del Eixample” (Eixample […]

Barcelona apartments (with kitchen)

We know a lot of people look for Barcelona apartments when they are going to come to visit the city. In addition, a lot of people want to rent apartments with kitchen because is a good way to save money on meals. For this reason, today we write about Barcelona apartments with kitchen. We would […]

Go to the beach in Barcelona

Going to the beach in Barcelona some years ago was an unattractive activity. But not now. With Olympic Games in 1992, the city was renovated completely. One of the major changes was the improvement of the beaches of the city. It was renovated and currently going to the beach in Barcelona is one of the […]