Book Fair in Barcelona (Fira del Llibre)

As in each year at around this date Book Fair in Barcelona is one of many activities organized within the program of activities and events of Mercè Festival (Barcelona Main Festival). We especially like it because it’s something different, cultural and always it is a pleasure to walk among books and find a good one 🙂 This year’s […]

Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya today

Mercè Festival has already begun and today is Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya! Yesterday Ferran Adrià made the official opening ceremony of Mercè 2013 and today there are a lot of activities in different places in the city. Today Friday, one of the highlights activities is the night of Rumba in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. At 9.30 […]

Giants in Mercè Festival 2013

Giants of Mercè Festival in Barcelona are one of the most popular activities in our city. Both children and adults are wishing to see them. These giant figures, which for several weeks before Mercè Festival “sleep” in the Palau de la Virreina (in La Rambla de Barcelona), walk and dance between citizens and tourists who come to […]

Run-fires Mercè 2013 (El Correfocs)

The Run-fires of Mercè Festival 2013 is one of the most desired activities of the Barcelona Main Festival. Maybe because people love seeing the fire at outdoor parties. Like every year, in 2013 the Mercè Run-Fires be held when the night begins to fall and there will be two of the Mercè 2013 different run-fires: one […]