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Montserrat, a lovely visit near Barcelona


If you are many days in Barcelona or already has been more times in Barcelona, ​​visit Montserrat is one of the things you should do.

Montserrat is a symbol for Catalan people. The Virgin of the Monastery, the Virgin of Montserrat (known as ‘La Moreneta‘), is the patron saint of Catalonia.

Montserrat is much more than a mountain and so all kinds of visitors from around the world come to visit Montserrat. The fact of being fairly close to Barcelona (only 50 miles) makes it easy to get there and back in one day without having to look for accommodation in the area.

Montserrat is considered by many as a “Magic Mountain” and there are many books about the secrets of the catalan moubtain. It is even said that the Holy Grail could be hidden in this famous peak.

Montserrat, a lovely visit near Barcelona

The Monastery of Montserrat, which is located in a unique natural environment which makes the mountain a unique scenario elsewhere . It is an ideal place to enjoy the surroundings and unwind.

The sanctuary of Montserrat has its historical origin in the chapel of Santa Maria that Count Wilfred the Hairy donated to the monastery of Ripoll in the year 888. In 1025, Abbot Oliva founded a new monastery there in the chapel of Santa Maria de Montserrat. It quickly gained popularity and faithful and in 1409 the Monastery of Montserrat became an independent abbey.

Despite the time that has been driven by various wars ( Napoleonic War , Spanish Civil War … ) , the Monastery of Montserrat has been preserved and is reforming and updating and getting thousands of visitors and worshipers every year.

Despite what you may believe, visit Montserrat is not a matter of faith. The visit to Montserrat is recommended for everyone because it is a unique environment and landscape .

La Moreneta (Black Madonna), the Virgin of Montserrat

The Virgin of Montserrat (Virgin of Montserrat, in Catalan), better known as La Moreneta (Black Madonna), is the patron saint of Catalonia. The image is a symbol for Catalunya and a point of pilgrimage for believers and a must for tourists.

The September 11, 1881, Pope Leo XIII officially declared the Virgin of Montserrat and patroness of Catalonia diocese. It also granted the privilege to have Mass and own trades. His feast is celebrated on April 27.

The image is a twelfth-century Romanesque sculpture in wood of poplar. It represents the Virgin with the child Jesus sitting on her lap and measures about 95 inches.La image is golden though his face and his hands are black, why is known as “La Moreneta” and belongs to the group of known “Black Madonna”.

Montserrat is typical visit if …

As we have said before, if you have never been to Montserrat is a visit not to be missed. Beyond knowing this magical mountain and see La Moreneta, many people visit Montserrat after making promises to meet or have seen something very typical: go bless your new car.


Bring to bless the car to Montserrat is a very typical activity. In fact, many people end up buying when the first car to make family out is to go to Montserrat to bless the car, hoping that the car will be protected from future accidents.

Whatever the reason is the one that takes you to visit Montserrat is a unique experience that you can not miss if you are spending a few days in or near Barcelona.

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