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Park Güell


If you come to visit Barcelona and you like Gaudi, be sure to visit Park Güell.

Located on the top of the Gràcia district, Park Güell is a landscaped park designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and full of architectural elements Gaudi-style. In fact, if you complete the Modernist route in Barcelona, this is a point to visit.

The Park Guell was formed with the joining of two areas “Can Muntaner de Dalt” and “Can Coll i Pujol”, in the “Muntanya Pelada” (today muntanya del Caramel), purchased by Count Güell the year 1899.

Gaudi conceived as a religious sense at the same time as organic and urban, and using the 60 meters of gap which has the mountain (the height ranges between 150 and 210 meters respect the sea) to project a path of spiritual elevation, placing in its top a chapel, but it was never built, in place that currently holds the monument to Calvary.

With Gaudi worked some of his more common colleagues, Josep Maria Jujol, Francesc Berenguer, Joan Rubió and Llorenç Matamala. The works were made by contractor Josep Casanovas i Pardo.

Gaudi Dragon in Park Güell

Undoubtedly the most famous architectural feature in the Park Güell is the famous Gaudí Dragon. You will see it represented in a lot of the city souvenirs

The Park Güell is open all year from 8am to 9pm. Admission is not already free. You have to get a ticket to visit the park.

The easiest way to get there is with the metro of Barcelona (underground), getting off at Lesseps (Line 3 – Green Line) and walk a few minutes to the entrance of the park.

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