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Looking for cheap hotels in Barcelona?


We know the feeling. Planning a trip and you are looking for cheap hotels in Barcelona. Probably people have said you that Barcelona is not a cheap and you are worry about it. Do not worry! Barcelona is a big city and one of its advantages is that there are many cheap hotels, cheap hotels, cheap bed and breakfasts and cheap accommodations!

And you are answering yourself: “But looking for a cheap hotel means going to sleep outside or far from the center of Barcelona?” Noooooo!. There are cheap hotels in central Barcelona. Let’s see some options list and we will see how well 😉

Cheap hotels in Barcelona centre

Yes, reallythere ! You can sleep in a cheap hotel in Barcelona! . We will tell you more : There are cheap hotels in Barcelona centre that offer very similar services to many one or two star hotel.

  1. Barcelona City Centre: Sleep in the center of Barcelona . It is a cheap and quiet, clean and with everything you need for your stay hotel in Barcelona. It is well connected with the city and you can reach on foot or by bus or subway to anywhere . Although this is a hostel, all the amenities offered are own you can find in a hotel . OFFICIAL WEB
  2. Canaletas Guesthouse: If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Barcelona and also want to sleep in the most famous street in the city, we recommend a cheap pension in Las Ramblas of Barcelona, ​​where for a good price have all the essentials to rest. A modest pension directly opposite the famous Canaletas Fountain. OFFICIAL WEB

Barcelona City Centre, cheap hotels in Barcelona

Cheap Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona

If you do not mind taking the subway more often and sleep slightly towards the north of downtown, I recommend you three economic accommodation that will fit nicely in your pocket:

  1. B&B Barcelona City North is a bed and breakfast located in the northern center of Barcelona, on the border of the districts of Eixample, Gracia and Sarria-Sant Gervasi. Barcelona City North offers you all the conveniences that interest you in a bed and breakfast in Barcelona with an excellent value for money. Prices are adjusted and if you book on its official website leaves you free breakfast: www.barcelonacitynorth.com
  2. B&B Barcelona City Seven is a budget bed and breakfast located on the famous street of Barcelona Aribau in the upper city center. In Barcelona City Seven you will find all the amenities that interest you in a B&B in Barcelona with excellent value for money and in a very quiet and well connected with the rest of the city. The breakfast in also free in its website: www.barcelonacityseven.com
  3. B&B Barcelona City Street is situated right at the top of the center of Barcelona, on the border of the districts Sarria-Sant Gervasi, Eixample and Gràcia. The Barcelona City Street is a small hostel with all the amenities needed to enjoy your stay in Barcelona. Here the breakfast is free if you book your room in the official website: www.barcelonacitystreet.com
Barcelona City Hotels

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