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Free tapas and low cost tapas in Barcelona


Free tapas in Barcelona are not common, we do not want fool anyone. Elsewhere in Spain, such as Andalusia, drinking with any other offer you a free tapa which often allows you to dinner even if you take a few drinks, but not for Barcelona.

In fact, among the locals, the issue of free tapas is very commented, “claimed” and often said with humor that is an urban legend. But it is not entirely true. Really there are some bars with drinking you put a small “tapa-montadito” free (but you do not expect the typical free tapa-dish similar to Andalusia).

Free tapas Barcelona

Map of free tapas in Barcelona

Thanks to the initiative of some Facebook groups such as Plataforma Pro Tapa Gratuita, people has developed a map of free tapas in Barcelona and surroundings for which it is well always take a look when we prepare to go for tapas in Barcelona

Ver Plataforma Pro Tapa Gratuita en Barcelona en un mapa más grande

Chains and initiatives by cheap or ‘low cost’ tapas in Barcelona

A few years ago (some of them for a year), low cost tapas or montaditos chains were installed in Barcelona and them have popularized social cheap tapas dinners. Names like Lizarrán 100 Montaditos, or La Sureña (the latter, the most recent) have expanded in Barcelona tapas and montaditos at affordable prices accompanied also very cheap drink. Moreover, most of these establishments have a weekly “star day” which everything is going to consume a fixed price (some of them coming to check the price of their montaditos to 0.50 euros).

Similarly, although less marked, traditional bars try do not to fall behind. They are organized by neighborhoods for promotional periods when cheap tapas (including drink) are the protagonists. Examples of this are, for example, Tapantoni, neighborhood initiative in the Eixample Sant Antoni and  Ruta de la Tapa y el Pincho en el Poble Sec (both have in common that the cover + drink cost 2 euros).

Barcelona also has annual events dedicated to cheap tapas as “De Tapes Barcelona“, which is held every year in the Annex to the Palau Sant Jordi venue that offers tapas + beer for 2.40 euros.


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