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Barcelona is the favorite city for European for a short-break

Barcelona is the favorite European city for a getaway, according to a survey by travel site Travelzoo. The study, which was conducted among subscribers of the web reveals that people opt for mainly local breaks when it comes to commuting a few days, however, Barcelona is the favorite city.

The survey shows that travelers each country has its own peculiarities when it comes to organizing your holidays or breaks. One in four urban destinations preferred stay above the beach or adventure travel, British and Germans often spend much of their time in hotel resorts, emerging sporadically for tours. Spanish, however, on vacation, spend most of the time outside the resort, enjoying visits.

And being their favorite city, is highly likely that they come to visit Barcelona this year, because the study of Travelzoo says that 64% of Europeans will make two short-breaks of up to 5 nights in 2014.

We are very pleased that Barcelona is one of Europe’s favorite cities. For our part, we can only wait them with open arms, offering all the information of this blog and budget accommodation in Barcelona on chain Barcelona City Hotels chain 😉

Barcelona City Hotels

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