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Botero’s cat, a symbol of Barcelona which was difficult to find its place


Botero’s Cat is an unquestionable symbol of the Raval in Barcelona, ​​a neighborhood very fashionable in recent years.

This cute kitten was purchased by the City Council of Barcelona in 1987. But what many people do not know is that the poor animal was 15 years house hunting!

The Barcelona City Council bought this cat-shaped sculpture made ​​by Fernando Botero and its first location was the Ciutadella Park, next to the Zoo. Somewhat later, Botero’s cat was moved to the Olympic Stadium and a few years later was placed in a small square behind the Shipyards of Barcelona (Drassanes).

But finally in 2003, Botero cat found a permanent home in the Rambla del Raval, which does not go unnoticed. With his fat face and playful, it is impossible not to see and touch the whiskers for a photo with him (too many people choose to be mounted on top of it, like a horse, and take the photo).

Tourists who come to Barcelona by plane looking cat with a special face because Botero’s cat is very familiar to them … What is the reason?
The reason is that Botero’s cat has a half-brother at Barcelona’s Airport, ​​at T2 (Terminal B): Botero’s horse, who stands watching the tourists come and go since 1992. Like Botero cat, horse sculptor is robust and the same features; When you have seen either, you quickly realize that they are creatures of the same father 😉

After seeing the cat, take the opportunity to stroll along the Rambla del Raval and its renovated surroundings. In a few minutes you can also reach Las Ramblas or Port Vell … the truth is that the cat took to find its site, but he chose very well!

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