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Human Bodies Exposure, the human body as you have never seen


If you’re in Barcelona, ​​do not miss the exhibition Human Bodies. An exhibition that is going around the world and shows us the inside of the human body in a way never seen before.

The exhibition, composed entirely of real samples, consists of over 150 individual organs and 12 complete bodies, in addition to impress rather, allow you to learn the whole process of human life.

The show starts as human life: with fetuses of different sizes. From there, the exhibition is a journey through different parts of the human body and its systems (nervous, respiratory, food, etc..).

Human Bodies. The Exhibition

Being real bodies and organs, there are enough details that impress, such as the difference between the lungs of a smoker and a nonsmoker or stains from a stroke in a human brain.

Human Bodies. The Exhibition will visit with an audio guide that will explain every detail that you are viewing.

The exhibition can be seen until October 12 at the Dome of the CC Arenas de Barcelona (Plaza España) from 10am to 20 hours, every day of the week. The entrance fee is 12 euros, but there is discount for different groups.

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