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The best horchatas in Barcelona


It’s June. Summer is comming, San Juan night is approaching, we started going to the beach in Barcelona and it is time to … take horchata! ­čÖé

But not worth any horchata! The horchata has to be good … do we say good, horchata has to be the best horchata to taste and enjoy it as only true lovers know how to make horchata!

Well, as people who were born and lived all our life in Barcelona, I will recommend the two best places to take horchata in Barcelona. One well-known; the other, not both. We greatly appreciate that if you have good suggestions let us know your comments to new sites;-)

The horchata by “Miquel”, one of the best in Barcelona.

Of the two that are going to name, this is the least famous. Located in central Barcelona Ronda Sant Antoni, the Miquel horchata you will go to heaven when you taste your first sip. It is delicious!

You can order a take away, take it inside her little bar or dining on your terrace overlooking the Plaza Universitat.


Sirvent’s horchata, good and famous!

While writing these lines who prefer the above, the Sirvent horchatas are also a delight. The only downside to this site is its huge queues (in summer by horchatas, in winter for its nougat).

There are several Sirvent horchater├şas where you can enjoy a good horchata, but the most famous is in┬áParlament street, next to Sant Antoni┬ámarket.

In both sites mentioned you can also enjoy some real good ice cream, but perhaps it is better to eat ice cream Sirvent.

We hope you enjoy the best of Barcelona and cont├ęis horchatas us where the best horchata de Barcelona for you ­čśë


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