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Butifarring, a new concept for eating well, fast and typical Catalan


Eric Camps, one of the two partners Butifarring, spends much time traveling the world because of their work. He is a businessman. One day he asks himself why in Barcelona, ​​where we have a range of traditional cuisine, was spreading fast food imported from other countries and anybody cooked fast food ‘made in Barcelona (or Catalonia)’. That was the first idea that led to creating the Butifarring, which opened close to Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona in November 2013.

Butifarring is a different place. There is a snack bar where the protagonist is, as its name suggests, the “butifarra” (sausage), a typical Catalan product. However, it is not just any sausage. Sausage sandwiches in Butifarring are made ​​”with love” (as defined in its commercially Facebook page) and where the secret is in the cooking oven that can cook without any oil and get the traditional flavor of the sausage whole life … in the center of Barcelona!


The price of Butifarring’s sandwichs are about 5 euros. But despite its affordable price, the quality is attention to detail. All ingredients used in the Butifarring are chosen carefully. Even the delicious bread that surrounds Catalan sausages this place is expressly made ​​for them. They also have the characteristic that all suppliers are local, which can further ensure that the Butifarring the sausages are 100% Catalan.

But obviously the ingredients are not everything. The magic hands of Albert Gomez, Butifarring partner and corporate chef, become the “butifarres” (sausages) in an exquisite final dis 🙂

Albert Gomez also is in charge of designing and developing new flavors for charter. A usual sausages they always have in the local (mushrooms, classical, aubergine, blue cheese …), the sausages seasonal, such as the sausage of spring onions are added.

And how could it be otherwise, most people eat in Butifarring enjoy sausages accompanied by a good beer, too local.

cerveza artesana en Butifarring

On the one hand we find beer Montseny. On the other hand, the curious beer Flying Pigs, a brand of beer from Barcelona.

We can not tell you more. Just say that you feel encouraged to tast the sandwiches of Butifarring, a place that is especially close to you if you walk you are staying in the guesthouse Barcelona City Ramblas.

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