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Halloween in Barcelona


Halloween in Barcelona is known as Castanyada (Chestnut). Castanyada  is a very traditional festival held in autumn, the night of 31th October, night before All Saints Day (1th November). The 1st November  is a day than people usually go (although less and less) to visit dead family in the cemetery. Originally the Castanyada is a tribute party to dead.

However, since for years Castanyada has become a joyful feast. It is a popular festival which stars feed are chestnuts, sweet potatoes and, especially, the panellet, small almond balls with different flavors: coconut, chocolate, pine nuts … Delicious and not suitable for those who are on a diet : -)! All this food, which is eaten when dessert dinner the Halloween night, accompanied by Moscatell, a sweet wine Catalan typical of this party.

La Castañada en Barcelona tiene muchos protagonistas; los panellets son unos de ellos.

It seems that the origin of the castanyada comes from the night of the eve of All Saints, when people gathered to ring the bells to commemorate the dead. It was a hard task and they ate chestnuts and sweet potatoes to last the whole night.

As we mentioned initially, the Anglo-Saxon influence on Chestnut in Barcelona has been present for years. And many people celebrate HALLOWEEN. In fact, many local restaurants and theme parks dedicated entirely to night Halloween party, aside from the local tradition of chestnut in Barcelona.

The youngest are the most will have been influenced by Halloween. In fact, are quite typical Halloween parties at clubs and, as they are in other important dates of the year. Most, however, combine both traditions and make dinner at home with family or friends with the traditional castanyada (panellet, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, moscatell) and then move the party over to a local Halloween.

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