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Barcelona’s tourist tax


Barcelona Tourist Tax is a tax on accommodations you must pay when you come to the city. Many people do not know about it and when accommodation ask them for pay, guests feel disappointed or unpleasantly surprised. Actually, this is a fairly low tax, but it is precisely the lack of information making when tourists come to Barcelona and meet such surprise in his lodgings, feel upset.

When we make an online booking for a Barcelona’s hotel, we see that the final amount never include the tourist tax but, yes, many reservation centers and websites of hotels notified us of this.

The tourist rate in Barcelona city is different than the rest of Catalonia (in fact, it is a bit higher…). This fee is paid per person and per day depending on the category of housing (depending on whether it is easier or fancy) and, yes, no tourist tax is paid for more than seven days, so if you come on holiday to Barcelona during, for example, two weeks, you will not pay tourist tax during the second week, as their legal maximum is 7 nights.

Importe de la tasa turística en Barcelona:

  • 3 stars hotels –> 0,75€ per person and per night
  • 4 stars hotels –> 1,25€ per person and per night
  • 5 stars hotels –> 2,50€ per person and per night
  • Guesthouses, hostels, B&B and hotels with less of 3 stars –> 0,75€ per person and per night

Also on cruise ships you must pay the tourist tax. These are priced the same as the 5 star hotels. Also, remember also that do not pay tourist under 16 years.

As you could already calculate, for example if you come to Barcelona to spend 3 days (long weekend… sleeping two nights …) with your partner on a 3-star hotel, you will pay 3€ city tax in total, a price result of: 0.75€ x 2 people (1.50 € per day) for 2 nights.

The tourist tax is usually charged by the amount of the room, at the beginning or end of your stay depending on accommodation. The vast majority of hotels charge tax cash always said, however, accommodation as part of the low cost chain BCN City Hotels accept collect the tourist tax by credit card, providing guests do not have to spend your cash on the tax.



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