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3 day breaks from Barcelona city


Precisely because many people fall in love with Barcelona, it is likely that many of the tourists who visit us decide to repeat his experience in the city. And although Barcelona is large enough to not finish knowing about or living here, it is true that many people like to take a second visit to the city to get away for one day some close and precious sites that let you get away for a day from Barcelona, ​​enjoy the setting and return to the city to sleep without losing the hired accommodation.

For this reason, today we want to propose three places for a day escapes from Barcelona:

1) Day break to Sitges.

For years, Sitges is mostly known for its Carnival , the annual Festival of Fantastic Film and lively gay scene. However, beyond this, Sitges has some nice beaches and excellent landscapes . In short: an ideal place to spend the day.

Getting there is easy from Barcelona if you do not drive: From Estació de Sants or the downtown Passeig de Gràcia can take the train (RENFE) that will leave you in Sitges in about 40 minutes.

Definitely better known any image Sitges in his church, facing the sea and daring that is the subject of hundreds of photos a day. Sitges church, called the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla, is in the Plaza del Baluard; do not you stop her.


Creative Commons (Flickr): click para ver original


Another of the highlights of Sitges is undoubtedly his castle. Sitges Castle was built on the foundations of the old castle and are of the medieval era.

Less known but very nice to see is the garden of Can Falç, a space hidden behind the Cap de la Vila modernist house where you can enjoy a ride that goes into the vegetation.

Nor can you leave Sitges without seeing the Raco de la Calma (Rincón de la Calma), a lovely place to wander where often with show and the Plaça de la Fragata, known for its stairs, and will offer stunning views This seaside town.

By the way, note that Sitges is perfect for catering and leisure. You see the whole town is full of restaurants to eat delicious dishes or many tapas places.

2) Day break to  Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

Possibly because we love the cava we’re both going to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia to visit one of its many cellars.

The village of Sant Sadurní is known by all the different champagnes that are in it. You can reach quietly from Barcelona either by bus (stopping at the center of the city) or train.

Although undoubtedly the most famous cellars of Sant Sadurní are Freixenet and Codorniu, there are many others that are also worth visiting. Beyond Love each for the champagne (or wine, as there are wineries in both beverages), the modernist style of various cellars will leave you amazed.

Cavas Sant Sadurní

Creative Commons (Flickr): click para ver original


Visits to the caves make a tour inside these curious buildings and also usually always include a tasting. Be sure to consult the list of most famous cellars.

In addition, some cavas even include restaurants where you can taste typical dishes (spring onions, if the time …) or, for the more informal, picnic areas with barbecues and picnic areas; a combination of both services is found, for example, in the Canals & Sunday cavas .

3) Day break to Montserrat.

Actually there are several places that you can visit near Barcelona in a getaway day but could not stop quoting Montserrat mountain magic and more special than we have in Catalunya.

Montserrat is more than just a mountain monastery, but one without the other does not understand; are inseparable concepts.


The sanctuary of Montserrat has its historical origins in the chapel of Santa Maria that Count Wilfred the Hairy donated to the monastery of Ripoll in the year 888. In 1025, the abbot Oliba founded a new monastery there in the chapel of Santa Maria de Montserrat. It quickly gained popularity and faithful and in 1409 the Monastery of Montserrat became an independent abbey.

The Black Madonna, the eternal black Madonna, is undoubtedly the main protagonist of Montserrat and visit is a must when you climb this mountain so peculiar.

Despite what you may believe, visiting Montserrat is not a matter of faith. The visit to Montserrat is recommended for everyone because it is a landscape and unique setting.

It is quite typical that people get on Montsertta to “bless” your new car. There are also (many) people climbing to order requests and offerings of all kinds but Montserrat is much more than faith and is also a recommended visit for non-believers.

Montserrat reach without a car is easy . You can go by bus (leaving off the Estació de Sants) and also (most typical) by train: the Catalan Railways (FGC) are caught in Plaça Espanya and can buy a combined ticket which then connects with the popular train “zipper” Monistrol de Montserrat.


You really have to recognize that breaks day from Barcelona can do a lot; however, at least to start, we opted for these three. With which You would be you?

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