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10 locations in Montjuïc you should visit

For the inhabitants of Barcelona, Montjuïc is our mountain, in bold. A real green lung in the city full of mysteries and places to see and visit. And now we’ll see some of them.

1) MNAC museum. Barcelona is culture and Montjuïc too. In addition, the National d’Art de Catalunya Museum (MNAC) is undoubtedly an icon not only for Barcelona, also for Montjuïc (try typing in Google “Montjuïc” and see what image appears …).

MNAC, en Montjuïc

2) Teatre Grec Gardens. The gardens of the Teatre Grec (Greek Theatre) in Montjuïc are just while walking from Plaza Spain. They are mainly famous for hosting summer music festival Grec, but beyond this media event, these curious gardens home inside a replica of a Greek theater are ideal for walking and breathing place and, above all, to go couple;-) Also, are a magnificent view of the city.

El Teatre Grec de Barcelona

3) El Poble Espanyol. A small replica the villages of Spain which certainly worth visiting. A total of 117 buildings, streets and iconic places around the country in a “village” of over 40,000 square meters. And you can also enjoy artisan fairs.

Entrada al Poble Espanyol de Barcelona

4) Botanical Garden. Perhaps little known, but we also find the Botanical Garden of Barcelona in Montjuïc moutain. It has a large number of plants and vegetation to know.

Jardín botánico Montjuïc


5) Montjuïc cable car. Barcelona is beautiful look from where you look, but when we speak of view from above that is too big 🙂 Enjoy the city bird’s-eye view thanks to the famous Cable Car Montjuïc.

6) Montjuïc Castle. It does not mutter how you up there (in railway, funicular, bus or walking), Montjuïc Castle is a point of fundamental interest for the city. Beyond being one of the most spectacular viewpoints of Barcelona, this castle keeps within its very stones important chapters in the history of Barcelona.

El Castillo de Montjuïc (Castell de Montjuïc)

7) Casaramona (Caixa Forum). Beyond its obvious cultural interest, the building that houses CaixaForum is also a beautiful modernist architectural work worth visiting.

CaixaForum Barcelona, un centro cultural Modernista

8) La Font del Gat. Any child of Barcelona know the song about The Cat’s Foutain. And the Font del Gat (Fountain of the Cat) has always been well known in Barcelona. His name, of course, because the water dispenser shaped cat head. The popularity of this fountain is due to La Colla de l’Arròs, a group of friends who mingled with the culinary gatherings hobby at that place in the late nineteenth century.

La Font del Gat de Barcelona

9) La fuente con cabeza de Diablo. While the Font del Gat is well known, it is not so near fountain dispenser which represents the devil’s head. Really very curious to see, especially if we can discover its mysteries and why so curious way.



10) The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. At the foot of the mountains, this spectacular fountain perplexes everyone who looks at it. It is one of the main protagonists of the festivities of Barcelona; the rest of the year can be turned on at different times, depending on the season.


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