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10 lovely and curious squares in Barcelona


Foto: Mark Bellingham (flickr)

Squares have something special. The people have always met in the squares to talk and to spend pleasant moments of leisure. And although Barcelona is a big city, it also has its squares. In fact, some neighborhoods like El Born and, above all, Gràcia, would lose their essence without their places.

Let’s see ten places that we recommend to discover in Barcelona.

Plaza Real (o Plaça Reial).

Plaza Real (Royal Square) is a very famous square in Barcelona. Plaza Real stands out mainly for all the arches that surround the square and because the street lamps that are in the square were designed by Gaudí.

Plaça Real

Foto: Serge Melki – Barcelona: Plaça Reial

La Plaça del Sortidor.

Plaza del Sortidor (“Foutain square” would be its best translation) is located in the Poble Sec neighborhood, so fashionable nowadays. Although at first glance it may look like a square in any neighborhood, the plaça del sortidor hosts one of the replicas of the Canaletas fountain.

If you visit, do not miss the opportunity to eat in the area.

Plaça del Pi.

Santa Maria del Pi Church is the protagonist of this square. This beautiful parish, from the 14th century, allows us to make some very special nocturnal routes through its interior.

In addition to the religious building, a series of days per week the Plaza del Pi hosts a small artisan fair that we like very much 😉

Foto: Cristina Pla (Flickr)

Foto: Cristina Pla (Flickr)

Plaça Sant Jaume (Council square).

Plaça de Sant Jaume (Plaza San Jaime) is the political center of Barcelona. There is the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Town Hall) and the Generalitat.

Despite being a large square that connects two very crowded areas (by people and cars), the Plaça Sant Jaume is pedestrianized; only the official cars of politicians circulate through it.

Foto: Oscar Cuadrado Martínez (Flickr)

Foto: Oscar Cuadrado Martínez (Flickr)

Sant Felip Neri square

We have already spoken more times in this blog of the Plaza Sant Felip Neri, mainly because it is a relatively unknown place and it is very beautiful. The square is very close to the Cathedral of Barcelona.

The name of the square is due to the church we find in it. On its walls can still be seen shrapnel from a bomb dropped by aviation during the Spanish Civil War.

Foto: Miquel González Page (Flickr)

Foto: Miquel González Page (Flickr)

Gaudí Square

It was impossible not to have a place dedicated to the great Gaudi! And … what better place than just behind the Sagrada Familia to find it? 🙂

The Plaza Gaudí is a pleasant place with a lot of vegetation, a part of a park for children and a small lake with a monolith dedicated to the architect Nicolau María Rubió and Tudurí.

Sant Agustí el Vell.

El Born is another neighborhood full of curious, beautiful and lively squares. But we liked it especially because it is probably one of the quietest.

In addition, and as we have already explained in Plaça del Sortidor, the Plaça de Sant Agustí el Vell houses another replica of the Canaletas fountain (there are eight in total).

The name of the square is due to the convent of Sant Agustí that is in that place.


Foto: Mark Bellingham (flickr)

Foto: Mark Bellingham (flickr)

Plaça del Diamant.

Plaça del Diamant (Plaza del Diamante) is located in the bohemian neighborhood of Gràcia. It is a well-known square because it gave name to one of the most famous works of the famous Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda.

Currently the Plaça del Diamant is a very lively and full of life (actually most places in the Gràcia neighborhood are busy and are usually always full of people).

In the square stands a monument dedicated to the victims of the bombing of the Civil War. It also houses a very well preserved anti-aircraft shelter (bunker).

Plaça Eivissa (Ibiza square)

We move towards the other side of the city to an area that we do not normally speak about: the district of Horta. It is precisely in this neighborhood where we find Plaza Eivissa (or Plaza Ibiza).

The highlight of the square is its shape: it is neither round nor rectangular, but totally irregular.

Horta is a mostly humble neighborhood and in Plaza Eivissa you will not find modern premises; However, there are some bars where you will surely taste good tapas.

Plaça de Catalunya.

We could not finish the post without talking about it. A famous square around the world.

Plaça Catalunya is the nerve center of Barcelona. It separates the famous neighborhoods of Eixample and Raval.

Before the walls of Barcelona collapsed (yes, yes … we talked about many, many years ago …), the place where Plaza de Cataluña is currently located was right in one of the entrances to the walls, so there were the area of open-air markets becoming the place into a point of constant movement of people.

The square, as it is today, was devised in 1862. And it took 7 years to get permission to allow build.

Foto: Luis C. Días (Flickr)

Foto: Luis C. Días (Flickr)

These are the most curious and beautiful squares in Barcelona, according to us. Would you add any more?

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