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The origin of the name of the “Ninot market” (Doll market)


The Ninot market is well known in Barcelona. Located in the center of Barcelona, a few meters from Hospital Clínic few months has been remodeled and, although now looks very new and modern style, still retains a history worth knowing makes it: its name.

This market was opened in 1894 and its initial name was “market of the future”. At that time, it was the first market of the then municipality of Les Corts (then was not part of Barcelona) but now belongs to the district of Eixample, not Les Corts.

Why, then, was renamed Ninot market ( “Doll” in Catalan)? Everything is very popular due to a nearby tavern, famous for selling wine at a better price than in Barcelona. The daughter of the publican of that promised tavern with a guy Barceloneta.

On a visit to the home of her betrothed, she saw the girl in dismantling the figurehead of a brig. The girl asked her fiancé to save the doll fire; they did and took him to the tavern of the parents of the girl, where she was placed in the front of the tavern.

The tavern patrons and neighbors began to call the place the “Taberna del Ninot” to distinguish it from others that were arising in their surroundings.

The market then began to associate with the name “El Ninot” and in 1931, with the Republic, its name was officially changed. However, in January 1939 he was assigned again Porvenir name …

Ninot Market today…

They are being times of works and remodeling markets for Barcelona. In fact, also the famous market of Sant Antoni and takes years to work …

It was in May 2015 when again we saw the open doors of Mercat del Ninot. The equipment has renovated the interior and changed the cover; They have also expanded their hours and is open Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 21.15. In total, 48 food stalls and 33 outdoor seats, which are integrated into the new facade of the building.

The new space has also allowed many stands broaden product offerings and incorporate a small tasting area. In addition, customers can make use of a home delivery service, an information desk, a car park, a green dot for the neighborhood and a self.

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