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UNESCO includes Barcelona in its list of creative cities

UNESCO has included Barcelona in its Creative Cities Network, an achievement that has also achieved this year the city of Burgos. This group includes those destinations that bring outstanding cultural value, counting and network with a total of 47 cities corresponding to 33 different countries. The addition of the new Spanish presence is realized with the entry of Barcelona and Burgos.

Previously, Spain had already entered the network with three performances: Bilbao (in the design category), Sevilla (in the music section) and Granada (in literature). These destinations are working in collaboration with the intention of expandingin various fields of culture and creativity. It is also attempting to introduce culture in all processes of society and the development of the regions represented.

Barcelona has been chosen as a city in the literature section, while Burgos has earned the title in the category of food.Together these cities are included in the group of places that are going to work together to realize the sustainable development plan of UNESCO. The intent of it is to see urban development supported by the culture in all aspects.

The presence of these two Spanish cities in the Creative Cities Network provides a new impetus in terms of image and philosophy of approach to tourism. It’s something that’s always good although not representing a hook end too momentous in the way in which the interest of tourists is captured. But surely that Barcelona and Burgos will benefit from it in both the short and long term.

The network of UNESCO divide their efforts in different categories. Besides gastronomy and literature, they are considered film, craft, design, music and digital art. Each city fits into the group which has been more emphasis officially and based on the judgment made by UNESCO in view of the social and cultural projects that have been made in each region.

Each year a meeting of the network in which its representatives are pooling various aspects to continue working towards amore sustainable world in cultural terms is carried out. The next meeting will be in September 2016 in Sweden.

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