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Hotels with breakfast in Barcelona


Every day more people seeking hotels with breakfast in Barcelona because, according to a study late last year, “free breakfast is again the second most demanded service for travelers “.

While it is true that choose on your own where to have breakfast in Barcelona gives you the freedom to eat what you want, if the accommodation where you sleep offers a diverse enough breakfast (balancing sweet and salty), breakfast at the hotel It has two distinct advantages: the first is the fact of saving -in most cases- about making brunch or first meal of the day on your own; the other is that as you leave your accommodation can now go directly to make visits, without wasting time (you optimize your time).

Types breakfast in hotels

Continental breakfast

It is the most common breakfast accommodation, at least in Europe. It is a simple breakfast because in our continent, much as we try mentalizing about it, breakfast is not considered the most important meal of the day. The continental breakfast consists of tea or coffee (or milk or juice), toast and some pastries (pastries), all served at the table.

American breakfast (or English)

Typical of Britain and the United States, is a trend in the large hotel chains around the world.

Typical foods are eggs, sausages and other sausages; also cereals, fruit juices and coffee among others, but each country adds certain products from the region to make it more typical.

The (International) buffet

For convenience both hotels as guests, usually the most popular choice. This is different types of food (sweet, salty, hot and cold) where the customer can choose what you want and repeat as many times as you like.

More or less simple or complete depending on the hotel category, usually the host always prefer this option because it allows you to eat what you like on the amount you want.

BCN City Hotels, a chain of hotels with breakfast in Barcelona.

It is appreciated that Barcelona has to worry about accommodation including breakfast at the contracted rate and, even more, if you do it for free!

Chain accommodations Barcelona City Hotels (www.bcncityhotels.com) includes in almost every breakfast accommodation also is a free service for all customers who have booked through their official websites.

Accommodations BCN City Hotels that offer breakfast service are:

Enjoy your complimentary breakfast at any of these hotels in Barcelona and save on your trip!


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