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Sant Antoni Abad raid: enjoy animals!


Sant Antoni Abad (San Antonio Abad) is the patron saint of animals and everyone knows that his festival is popularly known by the nickname of the Three Tombs , due to the modest but famous ride that bears his name. The Cabalgata (Ride) dels Tres Tombs of Sant Antoni in Barcelona takes place in different neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​the best known being the Sant Antonio neighborhood, of which it is a patron, but also in other more popular neighborhoods, such as Sant Andreu, It is celebrated with a great following and tradition.

On the occasion of the festivities in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, from January 13 to 20, we will find different festive events in the area, mainly on the street; from promotions in stores to tastings of wines or craft beers .

The highlight of the festivities of Sant Antoni is undoubtedly the Tres Tombs Ride (Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs, in Catalan), which this year will take place on Saturday, January 20 and which celebrates its 193nd anniversary this year.

The expression “Three Tombs” means “three turns”; and it is that the origin of this ride goes back to a pre-Christian tradition of giving three rounds to a certain place. We especially liked the note of ViajaBlog in that, not without reason, warns “that English-speaking tourists do not get confused and expect to find a Halloween show in the heart of Barcelona” .

If there are no changes – which is unlikely – the Three Tombs cavalcade usually starts at the corner formed by the streets of Calabria and Floridablanca. Then it goes down Comte Borrell, Parlament, Ronda Sant Pau, Comte Urgell, Tamarit, Villarroel, Floridablanca, Ronda de San Antoni, Plaça Universitat, Pelai, la Rambla (one section down and another one up), Carrer Ferran and Plaça Sant Jaume .

We imagine that, as usual, the ride will be headed by the march the Guàrdia Urbana mounted and dressed in full dress, followed by the carriage with the figure of Sant Antoni Abad. Behind will go the official entourage of the Three Tombs, consisting of seventeen riders. Then come the carriages of the organizing entities, the authorities, the political parties and a representation of the other ride of the Three Tombs that are made in Catalonia. There will also be a parade of carriages like the Estrella Damm, the cleaning or the chariot of funeral services.

Most people who attend this event, which is a true outdoor animal festival, do so accompanied by their pets, from dogs to cats, parrots or ferrets among others !. Do not forget to take your furry friend and enjoy the ride of Tres Tombs 2018!🙂

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