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Gay discos and pubs you should visit in Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the European cities with a most festured gay leisure area . The famous Gayxample , located in the heart of the city, extends between the vertical limits of the streets of Balmes and Calàbria, and the horizontal limits of Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes and Provença; a few city blocks full of gay and ambient clubs and bars.

Contrary to what many people believe, enjoy Gayxample is not an exclusive privilege of the LGBT collective (although they are the clear protagonists, of course); most gay clubs, bars and pubs are hetero-friendly and you can often see groups of friends enjoying the Barcelona night without differences; Also, do not forget that the Gayxample, which usually live its maximum splendor during the late afternoon and during the night, is during the day a powerful commercial area of ​​the city, where shops for the gay public (clothes, hotels, restaurants , specialized bookstores, etc.) coexist with shops of all kinds.

We go with our recommendations to squeeze the maximum gay leisure in Barcelona …

Gingin Gay Bar

With an extremely original decoration -which will undoubtedly remind you of a famous comic that has a well-known belgian redhead- the Gingin Bar , inaugurated in 2018 , is creating trend in the area. Located right opposite the famous Hotel Axel, Gingin has become the meeting point for tourists and locals to make the afternoon and early evening a unique moment.
Their Gingerboys will attend you with care and sympathy. You will find a varied menu but, clearly, its specialty is gin&tonic.
If you also go there on Tuesday afternoons, you can enjoy a tasty Italian aperitif for free with your drink.


Located in the discreet Passeig Valeri Serra, the Versailles will not leave you indifferent. Just enter you will realize that it seems that you have moved from country and time, something that achieves its elaborate decoration, totally inspired by the French palace of Versailles. Its pleasant atmosphere and its music of the 80 ‘will make you feel at home, surrounded by friends looking for in this place to have fun during the early hours of the night.

Priscilla Cafe

We continue with themed gay bars! Priscilla Cafe is a local tribute to the film of the same name Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert. Recently renovated, the Priscilla is waiting to offer you an ideal place to relax after a hard tourist day with lot of visits. Enjoy its music, their good feel and the multiple photos of artists, decorative heels and, of course, lots of glitter! All this will take you to have a good time in the Priscilla, a place to which some also decide to come to hurry the working day and finish their obligations taking advantage of the combination of excellent wifi and a wide and varied drinks menu that will give you a break in your work obligations.

Believe Club, the most complete gay disco

What exactly do you expect when you think of a disco ? Music? Dance? have fun? or … a mixture of everything? It is evident that the discotheques are places of leisure thought to have fun, to splurge happiness and to create good memories. And BELIEVE does all this … and beyond.
Despite her youth -1 year of life- BELIEVE is a business that listens and learns what its customers ask for. Precisely for that reason, it has in its programming something that goes beyond the usual disco music: its shows, which have already become famous throughout Barcelona. Fun shows drag, transformism and musical that allow you to enjoy the early hours of the night sitting and drinking something, laughing.

In addition, BELIEVE constantly hosts different parties so that all Believers have their favorite day; from the lesbian “Nenis” party, to the hilarious “All-i-oli Olè”, the morbid Black Out party or many other themed events that guarantee hours and hours of fun.

As you can see, the gay leisure offer in Barcelona is wide but we clearly have our favorite places . And you, where do you go in Gayxample?

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