Hotels for La Mercè 2014 Festival

Although we wrote this post in August, if you want to come to La Mercè 2014 Festival and sleep here, the earlier you book your room, the more money you’re going to save. Mercè Festival 2014, local festivals in Barcelona, will move thousands of people each day (local and tourists). The occupancy of hotels and accommodations on […]


Hotels and accommodations near Camp Nou

If you like football and you come to Barcelona, ​​for sure you will go to Camp Nou. It is even possible that only come to Barcelona to watch football and, therefore, the Camp Nou is a key point for you. The important thing is to find a hotel or accommodation, as well as being close […]

Hotels near to Sants Station

Barcelona-Sants station is the largest train we have in the city. Through it pass dozens of trains each day (commuter, regional, long and middle distance) and, moreover, it is also destination and departure of AVE trains. If you come to Barcelona for business or just if you travel by train, it is very possible that […]


Accommodation near Puigvert Clinic

If you come from far away to Clinic Puigvert in Barcelona to operate or come from passenger surely find hotels near Puigvert Clinic (hotels or hostels, accommodation …). We will try to help you. The Puigvert Clinic is located next to the famous Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, ​​in Cartagena Street. The recommendations do […]

Hotels near Paseo de Gracia

Come to Barcelona and you are excited looking for hotels near the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona? Have you thought that maybe you can not do it because it will be too expensive option? Quiet! We help you with two proposals for budget hotels near the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. First of all you […]

Hotels near Teknon Clinic

Many people come each year to Clinica Teknon in Barcelona (also sometimes called Hospital Teknon), so it is important to understand on what accommodation and hotels near Teknon Clinic in Barcelona can book a room to rest during the days of medical testing , operations, recovery, etc. The Teknon Clinic is located in the upper […]


Hotels near Hospital Quiron Barcelona

If you have to come from afar to Hospital Quiron Barcelona for medical reasons, probably will have to search for hotels near the Hospital Quiron Barcelona (hotels or hostels, accommodation …). We will try to help you. Hospital Quiron Barcelona (also called Clínica Quirón) is located in an emblematic and central location of the city, at the confluence […]

Hotels near Clínica del Pilar in Barcelona

Are you looking for hotels near Clínica del Pilar in Barcelona because you have surgery the early hours of the morning or have to accompany a family for medical issues? Today we give you two good options for budget accommodation if you travel to Barcelona for medical issues. The lodgings that we recommend will offer […]