Accommodation to sleep during the 3 Day Startup Barcelona 2013

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who come to the 3 Day Startup Barcelona 2013 and looking for accommodation to sleep? We suggest some good proposals to sleep on economic plan and quite close to the event. Sleep in B&B Barcelona City North during 3 Day Startup Barcelona 2013 The Barcelona City North is a accommodation […]


Hotels near Barraquer hospital in Barcelona

Many people go the prestigious Barraquer Hospital in Barcelona every year, so today we want to talk about two hostels near Barraquer Clinic, because if you go to the famous eye center with family or friends, it is very probably you need one accommodation close to Barraquer Hospital for comfort during the days of medical […]

Barcelona apartments (with kitchen)

We know a lot of people look for Barcelona apartments when they are going to come to visit the city. In addition, a lot of people want to rent apartments with kitchen because is a good way to save money on meals. For this reason, today we write about Barcelona apartments with kitchen. We would […]